Eagles nab Jalen Hurts with 53rd pick

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The Eagles picked up wide receiver Jalen Reagor with their first-round pick and they went back to the offensive well in the second round, although it probably wasn’t the choice many people were expecting.

Philadelphia took former Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts with the 53rd overall selection. He’s the fifth quarterback to be selected this year with Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love coming off the board in the first round.

Hurts was once Tagovailoa’s teammate at Alabama, but transferred to Oklahoma after losing the starting job to the new member of the Dolphins. Hurts starred in Lincoln Riley’s offense as he threw for 3,851 yards and 32 touchdowns, ran for 1,298 yards and 20 touchdowns and caught a touchdown pass.

That versatility and the presence of Carson Wentz suggests that the Eagles could see him as a jack of all trades for their offense, although we’ll have to see what Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman have to say about the pick to know for sure.

36 responses to “Eagles nab Jalen Hurts with 53rd pick

  1. you don’t draft him this high to be a taysom hill….eagles def concerned about their 100 mill paper mache project..

  2. Howie outsmarted himself yet again.
    How’s Alshon, Howie?
    How’s getting schooled by John Freaking Elway feel?!
    How‘s it feel to settle for Raegor?
    Are you managing Philly or Dallas this year, Howie?!?!

  3. You’ve been put on notice Carlson! Time to take care of yourself, throw the ball away, and stop running around like Michael Vick. Your fragile.

  4. rut roh . . . their drafts really really soucks….. and they dont believe in Wince . . . oh my . .. . yet we get 2 S T U D S ….

  5. The Wentz era is over. Hurts will meet Mahomes in the Super Bowl which will turn out to be the next great rivalry in sports.

  6. Can he play wide receiver? Did anyone else notice the scrubs Wentz had to throw to last year? All they did was drop the ball.

  7. This is seriously the worst pick in my lifetime. They just wasted a 2nd round pick on Taysom Hill. Howie needs to fired immediately.

  8. Very odd pick. They clearly like Sudfeld. Wentz is the clear #1…..somethings not quite right with this one.

  9. This is Tim Tebow! Hurts proved at two top SEC schools that he CAN’T PASS THE BALL!! Nice day to be a Redskins fan!

  10. The comments are amazing. The Eagles have owned the division for two decades and Roseman has been there the entire time. I’ll wait and see how this works out because the Eagles got two special players.

  11. Howie’s EGO about ALWAYS wanting to be the smartest guy in the room never pans out. He’s a stud with contracts and a dud drafting. Mr Lurie needs a REAL football man to run his team. Should’ve kept Joe Douglas. Pretty sad that Chip Kelly drafted better..worst pick of the draft Howie!

  12. Almost fell off my couch…WTF???!!!…if you want to experiment, try it with a later draft pick once you solidify areas of need. This is stomach turning..Howie needs to go

  13. Howie must be on drugs. I hope they trade all of the rest of their draft picks away for future picks so Roseman won’t screw them up. Then I hope they fire Roseman after the draft and go hire a great GM.

  14. Howie is actually making Jerry Jones look like a genius. This is really depressing.

  15. can’t take credit for this comment , but loved it….

    Look at this way… the #Eagles landed the guy who threw to CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs…

  16. Howie has consistently shown he cannot draft. This is an absolutely moronic pick.

    The only way this even remotely makes sense is if they plan on playing two QB’s a ton.

  17. Another smartest guy in the room pick by howie…….so overrated as a gm when the eagles won the luckiest sb in the history of the NFL.

  18. Terrible waste of a 2nd round pick! After the head scratcher in the 1st round I didn’t think this draft could get worse but I was wrong!

  19. I was told a while back Howie Roseman was a genius. Where are we at on that now?

  20. The Eagles are preparing for an “Andrew Luck” type retirement from Wentz ; because Wentz is injury prone.

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