Giants took Andrew Thomas with eye on fixing OL “once and for all”

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While the Giants talked about the possibility of trading out of the fourth overall pick over the course of the pre-draft process, they stayed put and took former Georgia tackle Andrew Thomas to kick off their 2020 draft.

The offensive line has been a weak spot for the team for several years and General Manager Dave Gettleman told reporters that taking Thomas was part of a move to fix the unit “once and for all.” Doing so would be a boost to the team’s last two first-round picks — quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley — along with the rest of the offense.

Head coach Joe Judge discussed that aspect of the move and even mentioned Jones by name for the first time since being hired in January as he talked about the impact Thomas can have on the team.

“I think this is going to be a tremendous move right now to help Daniel play more confident back there, not that he needs that, but he can sit back and be protected and we’ve got to go ahead and be more stiff,” Judge said. “I talk all of the time, you have to run the ball, you have to stop the run, you have to cover kicks, so we’ve got to add to our run blocking as well to give ourselves a chance to get going on the ground.”

There are questions to answer about what Thomas’ arrival will mean for Nate Solder and the overall makeup of the line, but it’s hard to imagine the rookie will be on the bench when the Giants take the field for Judge’s first game as their head coach.

9 responses to “Giants took Andrew Thomas with eye on fixing OL “once and for all”

  1. I like the pick. Pre-draft analysis said Thomas was a bulldozer in run blocking, so if he is consistent in setting the left edge without needing TE help, Saquon could have a huge season. Thomas is also lighter than guys like Becton which make him more agile for tackle-pull plays.

  2. I’m the worlds biggest DG hater but he got it right. Thomas was OT1. Just waiting to see how he messes up the rest of this draft.

  3. Giants org keeps on blaming the o-line rather than their 2 most recent starting QBs. But PFF ranked the o-line average (17th) at end of 2019. Better QBs and coaches would get it to 10th.

  4. This wasn’t the sexy pick but it was the right one. Can you imagine Barkly running behind a great offensive line it will be pretty devastating to the other teams.

  5. Smart pick…help your young qb and rb develop so you get your moneys worth out of them…..

  6. Cart before horses… Drafting Saquon before having an established line was inexcusable given the difference in career length of OL’s vs RB’s.

  7. Andrew Thomas — a nice, solid pick; the safe pick for Gettlemen since he’s been yapping about Hog Mollies since taking the job.

    But as good as Thomas is (and he’s good) he’s no game changer. Passing over Simmons a guy who can blitz from everywhere; cover backs and TE routes; stop the run; and can spy a QB; and he never comes off the field. Offenses would have to plan around him and in doing so it frees up all our other D-men to play lights out! The whole D is improved just by his athleticism and “speed” … a game changer.

    It’s a shame that the Gmen passed over a guy who just might have become the second greatest defensive player in Giant history.

  8. Not a Giants fan… butyou absolutely did the right thing here. Defensive players can be improved based on a scheme. LT’s are either great or not. The drop off from the first 4 OT’s in this draft is incredible. Getting OL in the second round is hit or miss as they all grade for needs improvement on technique or are better at run vs pass. Yeah, it sucks and is not glamorous, but this was the right pick.

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