Howie Roseman: Jalen Reagor “really fits our quarterback skill set”

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There were plenty of predictions that the Eagles would take a wide receiver in the first round of this year’s draft, but there wasn’t much consensus about the identity of that receiver due to the depth of this year’s group.

Some thought the Eagles would trade up to make their pick, but General Manager Howie Roseman said in a conference call that the price for a move up the board was too high for their taste. When it came time to make a selection at No. 21, they had a choice of players that included Justin Jefferson and Brandon Aiyuk, but the Eagles opted to take Jalen Reagor.

Roseman explained what made Reagor the choice over the other receivers available at the time.

“You see the vertical separation as an outside receiver, and those things are hard to find,” Roseman said. “When you look at kind of this draft about guys who can just separate as an outside vertical receiver, there are not a lot of those guys. Those guys are hard to find and they’re hard to find in this league. You see it, that it really fits our quarterback skill set. Our quarterback likes to throw the ball down the field and make vertical throws.”

The Eagles ran short on receivers able to make big plays by the end of the 2019 season. They hope Reagor’s arrival will spark better results the next time around.

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  1. Reagor could end up being the best receiver in a very good wr class. Has a lot of Antonio Brown (without the mental stuff) traits.

  2. If he can’t play and Lamb can…the fans will never let Howie hear the end of it

  3. As much as I hope this works out for the Eagles, they passed on a much more highly rated prospect last year because apparently having a 6″3′ vertical receiver with 4.33 speed didn’t fit the quarterback skill set.

    If you had to rate Metcalf, Reagor, and JJAW, you would probably put them in that order. Other than Greg Ward, the practice squad WR, the Eagles have failed to develop a single WR in 5 years. Usually they tend to get worse the longer they are on the Eagles which would be hard for DJax to do this year since he only played 1 game while missing 15 games with a 6 week injury but the checks cleared so all is good.

    JJAW was the worst rookie WR in the league last year. Is there any doubt that if he had been a 4th round pick he would’ve been waived?

  4. charliecharger says:
    April 24, 2020 at 8:21 am
    Reagor could end up being the best receiver in a very good wr class. Has a lot of Antonio Brown (without the mental stuff) traits.

    Not the AB part but this is what was said about Agholor, too. I’m disappointed because I feel like they could have traded with Atlanta for like, an extra 3rd and gotten Lamb.

    It feels like they could have had an AJ Green and instead settled for a Jeremy Maclin. Not that he’s BAD, per se, but he could have been a stud star.

  5. Roseman’s past history evaluating WRs makes me seriously question this pick . Seems he’s more concerned about showing everybody how smart he is by over drafting a player rather then taking players ranked higher by virtually everybody else .

  6. As a Cowboys fan, this pick concerns me. We let our best corner go in free agency and then drafted a wide receiver?

  7. Sure Howie, OK. Last WR drafted in round 1 from the same school occurred right down I-95. Is that guy still in the league? Perhaps his father’s NFL pedigree will payoff. He had drop issues and stories are out there about lacking work ethic at times, whereas CeeDee Lamb catches passes…lots of them.

    Hopefully he’s better than Agholor was his rookie year (and 2nd and 3rd years)!

  8. The Eagles could have every pick in the draft and they still would manage to screw it up. They just don’t know how to draft and especially don’t know how to draft wide receivers or cornerbacks. Reagor wasn’t expected to be picked until the second or third round so they could have traded back and still drafted him. Now I want to see them draft two more wide receivers in this draft because they might actually get one right.

  9. I think Laviska Shenault will be a better player than Jalen Raegor. I would have rather seem him get picked

  10. I don’t trust Howie Roseman at all in evaluating WRs, last year they gave some similar BS explanation of why they took Whiteside so high, as I remember they justified that because he was the best WRs in the draft at high pointing a catch and winning jump balls. How did that work out in comparing his body of work with Metcalfs, who everyone had rated higher than Whiteside and the fanbase would have gone wild about.

    Now we get Jalen Reagor, a projected second round pick, instead of Justin Jefferson, who I get is primarially a slot receiver. But I think moving ahead of Dallas and taking Lamb would have been the best move here. Yes Wentz likes receivers who can tak the top off on the outside, but he also likes receivers who catch the ball and the biggest knock on Reagor is his hands and his habit of dropping the ball . . . does that sound familiar to Eagles fans. I am really sick of Rosman falling in love with one dynamic of a player and ignore the red flags because the Eagles brass thinks they can “fix” that issue with a player . . . it doesn’t workout 9 out of 10 times.

  11. I hated the pick….should have taken the LSU guy or AT LEAST moved up to get Lamb!

  12. Lurie don’t have the guts to fire Roseman or the brains to draft a great GM .

  13. Nice to have some outside speed to blow by the cornerbacks and safeties the Cowboys dont have.

  14. I can’t believe the Cowboys got Lamb — that’s the WR that will likely be the best of the first rounders.

  15. This is what the highly respected Jeff Legwold Top 100 had to say about Reagor and Jefferson:

    17. Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU, 6-1¼, 202 (4.43)

    Drafted No. 22 by the Minnesota Vikings

    Jefferson did the bulk of his work in the slot last season, but he can play all over the formation and has some of the best hands on the board. He snatches the ball, which creates more space against the defender, and runs well after the catch.

    51. Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU, 5-10⅝, 206 (4.47)

    Drafted No. 21 by the Philadelphia Eagles

    Reagor is another player who might be waiting a while to be selected because of the wide receiver depth in this draft. He dealt with inconsistent play from his quarterbacks, so better ball placement will allow him to have a quick impact. He also has return skills with two punt return TDs in 2019.

  16. Everyone is saying Howie should have tried to trade in front of Dallas and didnt. He tried, Atlanta wouldn’t budge! It takes two to tango, and Atlanta simply refused. Reagor is a great pick, timed faster than Ruggs. Reagor has run a 4.22 and 4.29 already, he is an outside threat that doesn’t need to be in the slot to be effective. Reagor and Djax on the outside? Reagor is a beast and should not be frowned on.

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