Jaguars received no offers for Yannick Ngakoue, want him on 2020 roster

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Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell shot down reports the Raiders were close to a deal for Yannick Ngakoue. In fact, Caldwell said the Jaguars have received no offers from any teams.

The Jaguars plan on the defensive end playing for them in 2020.

“I think his options are very limited at this point in time,” Caldwell said after Thursday night’s draft, via Mike DiRocco of ESPN. “We’ll welcome him back with open arms when he’s ready to come back, and we look forward to it.”

Ngakoue may have other ideas.

The Jaguars placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Ngakoue worth $17.8 million for 2020. He has not signed the tender and has made it clear he wants the Jaguars to trade him.

Ngakoue got into a Twitter spat with Tony Khan, the team’s senior vice president of football administration and technology, earlier this week.

The relationship between Ngakoue and the team turned sour last summer when the Jaguars offered him a deal that averaged $19 million annually. He sought $20 million annually and held out for 11 days in training camp before playing last season for $2.025 million.

“He is a tremendous player, tremendous person,” Caldwell said. “He’s always been first class in everything he’s done here, in the locker room and through his time here, the first four years of his contract. Obviously, he feels like things have not gone the way he wanted.

“In some aspects, he may have a point. But we put our best foot forward not once but twice, and I hope he sees the light that Jacksonville is a good spot, and it could at the end of the day be his only option.”

Ngakoue, a third-round choice in 2016, has 38.5 sacks and 14 forced fumbles in his career.

26 responses to “Jaguars received no offers for Yannick Ngakoue, want him on 2020 roster

  1. My guess is that other teams wanted any talk of a first-round pick off the table, and will start making offers on Friday.

    But I also am guessing that owners are taking a dim view of a player willing to publicly insult a team’s owner and family member. In a talent-rich draft like this, teams won’t feel so desperate.

  2. Teams want the player, not the high-priced contract coming his way. Nevertheless, the man has outperformed his contract and has earned a new deal. He’s young and highly productive. Pay the man.

  3. theceo49 says:
    April 24, 2020 at 4:28 am
    This should go well.


    What are we thinking. Sign tender around week 6 or 7. Then develop a patent pending Jalen Ramsey “back injury”?

  4. Teams want the player, not the high-priced contract coming his way. Nevertheless, the man has outperformed his contract and has earned a new deal. He’s young and highly productive. Pay the man.

    He was offered 19 mil per year end turned it down. His outrageous contract demands is the only reason he has not been traded. I respect the Jags for putting their foot down. Not everybody can be the highest paid if you want to field a competetive team.

  5. $17.8 million for one year isn’t a bad consolation prize. Things could be worse Yannick…. take a look at the world around you. Perhaps it will provide some perspective.

  6. They were asking a first round pick from a team that would then have to serve up 60-80 million to keep him. I don’t see why they couldn’t find a trade partner.

  7. “Pay the man.”

    How much? He turned down $19 million which was a crazy-high offer to begin with. Nobody is going to offer him more than that. He is destined to be the next cautionary tale of what happens when guys price themselves out of the market.

  8. Its simple… the production (9 sacks a year) isn’t worth the salary demands ($22 million a year) or the headache.

  9. I have to say the guy is very talented but his lack of Twitter skills makes his departure less apt to be professional and or lucrative for both sides.

  10. He wanted $20M last year. Supposedly he wants in the neighborhood of $22M now. The way he has behaved this off-season won’t help his case. Any team trading for him would only do so if they could get him to agree to a contract. They aren’t going to trade for someone who will continue to be disgruntled unless they cave in to his demands. That’s not happening. Just like Melvin Gordon he has overplayed his hand. I suspect he’ll eventually sign the tender and shortly after that the Jags will send him somewhere for a 3rd day pick just to get rid of him. The only teams that would be interested are those that either had an injury or are trying to make a playoff push. Still, whoever gets him probably realizes they won’t be able to sign him to another contract.

    After his AB-style twitter rant against the Jags’ owners I’ll be surprised if he even get the $19M the Jags offered him. Then he’ll probably lash out at whoever his current team is. I’d pass on this guy. Like AB, he may be more trouble than he’s worth.

  11. This is as dumb as it gets. He held out over a difference in one million and ended up playing for two million? Leaving 17 million on the table?

  12. So does that mean he gave up 17 million to play for 2 million over a difference of 1 million? Or was it just a 4 year extension with a signing bonus to make his 2 mil look like more but he’d end up playing on borrowed money from the future? Players get antsy once they are in year 2 of extensions where they got part of the contract up front in a signing bonus and end up playing for 10-12 million base salary. It’s a recipe for player holding out down the road.

    DE/pass rushers think they are QBs now where the next contract is supposed to be a half mil more than the last signed top deal. At some point there needed to be a correction.

  13. He will not be as good without Bouye and Ramsay giving him time to get to the quarterbacks.

  14. Just like Trent Williams, he’s his own worst enemy. The second teams know that there is discord, the player’s value drops. When they know the player is hell bent on forcing himself out; they know that the team has few options other than to cut him, and they get him for nothing, or the team has to live with the malcontent.

    IF the players would just shut up, they’d give themselves and the team a better chance of getting a deal.

  15. If you could get $19mm now instead of the $2mm you’re contracted for, would you play for the $2mm thinking you deserve $20mm?

    I mean there is dumb and there is Yannick. You don’t have to squint to see they look identical.

  16. I’m rolling my eyes reading these comments. I don’t think his potential holdout has anything to do with money. He doesn’t want to play in Jacksonville. He’s hardly the first person to say that.

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