Laremy Tunsil agrees to three-year extension worth $22 million annually

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The Texans have finalized a three-year contract extension with left tackle Laremy Tunsil, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports.

The new deal will average $22 million per season. It includes $57 million guaranteed, with a $13 million signing bonus, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

The sides got close over the last week and finally dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s Friday to make Tunsil the highest-paid lineman in the NFL.

Tunsil, who will be under contract through the 2023 season once he signs, acted as his own agent. He negotiated the deal directly with Texans coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien.

54 responses to “Laremy Tunsil agrees to three-year extension worth $22 million annually

  1. Gives the Ravens a baseline of what they will eventually have to start negotiations with Ronnie Stanley.

  2. Bill O’Brien strikes again. Not only did he trade 2 first round picks for a LT that graded out lower than Garett Bolles. But then he paid that LT $22 million per year as well? Wow!

    At this point would anyone be shocked O’Brien turns Deshaun Watson and a 4th round pick into a 3rd round pick tonight?

  3. $22 million a year?! Is he going to be playing quarterback?

    So O’Brien negotiated the deal directly with a player without an agent and got owned? Remind me again why he has the GM duties?

  4. Good for him. Assuming he didn’t screw himself with some of the language of the contract, he saved like $2.5 million by not paying an agent. I don’t understand why these players don’t just hire a lawyer on an hourly basis. Few thousand dollars for a lawyer to review the contract is much better than a few million.

  5. Well what little chance of a Trent Williams trade just evaporated. He’s gonna want more than Tunsil and I don’t see anyone giving him that kind of money.

  6. So signing tackles just became impossible and it’s better to draft them after their rookie deal is up.

  7. i guess we know now why the dolphins gave him away. No way were they going to pay him 22 million.

  8. Wow…and players around the league are staring at their agent saying, wait, what do I pay you for again? Leremy (clap, clap, clap). Well done. This is one false start you did not commit. Had the leverage, used it. Massive overpayment for a good, not elite player.

  9. How O’brian continues to have a job in this league is beyond me.. single handedly tanking Houston franchise.. my condolences

  10. He didn’t really need an agent. Good move by Tunsil. Houston didn’t give up those picks only to have him walk away as a free agent in the off-season.

  11. It’s going to take the next Texan’s GM a long time to unwind all the damage O’Brien is doing.

  12. Bill O’Brien is a disaster as GM. He painted himself into a corner with Tunsil and got owned. The McNairs have been bad owners but making O’Brien the GM has to be their worst move of all.

    The Colts and Titans are rising. The Texans? They’ve hit the iceberg and it’s just a matter of time until the inevitable.

  13. $22mil/yr as his own agent!

    Every morning when he looks in the mirror to shave he gets to say Thank You to himself.

  14. Wow perhaps Bill O’Brien should focus on only coaching instead of negotiating as a General Manager. I’m sure Tunsil can also throw the ball downfield with accuracy.

  15. I have to say this first. OBRIEN has totally pissed a lot of people off lately, including me ,but this actually makes sense.
    Tunsil is scheduled to make $10.3 mil this season. So add in the $66 mil extension and he totals $76 mil over 4 yrs. yes it appears he will make $22 mil, but the reality is that he will average $19 mil over 4 years. That’s a decent contract for a top LT.

  16. Love seeing players strike it big and be able to take care of multiple members of their families. Congrats, Laremy.

  17. Sigh. So we allowed him to set a new benchmark for annual average by a tackle, AND allow him to hit free agency again when he’s 29 and can potentially cash in again? At the very least we should have given him more cash in the upfront years, and then back-ended the deal with a team-friendly amount that allows us to keep him until he’s 31 or 32.

    I truly believe that I could do a better job running this team than O’Brien is doing.

  18. If this is what Tunsil gets when he acts as his own agent, he has found his post-playing time career!

  19. atwatercrushesokoye says:

    April 24, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    At this point would anyone be shocked O’Brien turns Deshaun Watson and a 4th round pick into a 3rd round pick tonight


    Dont give ole Billy B. any suggestions. He just might pick up the phone and see if there are any takers for this deal.

  20. The Texans might as well drive down the street and throw that cash out the window for all the good it will do giving it to Turnstile

  21. The Redskins better drop their asking price to a 6th rounder, just to get rid of Trent Willliams and what will be a crazy high contract.

  22. another perfect example why the NFL should just allow players to smoke weed. He clearly has lost no brain cells…

  23. Let me see if I got this right. The Fins give away Tunsil and he then he misses some games last season due to injury. Then the Fins get to pick at #18 for that this year and somewhere again in the 1st round next year…right? Oh, and its Houston that then pays Tunsil 22 million a year for 3 years. My oh my… I guess the part that will really make the Houston fans feel ill is when the Fins actully use that 1st round pick next year. I wonder who that might be.

  24. Nice Bill OhNo!Brien pays Tunsil – a player above average like he is a modern-day Anthony Muñoz and what he should have paid Hopkins. Resetting the market in such a way that Trent Williams, if he does get traded, will want to be paid more, which he should because he is the best or at worse one of the best.
    Tunsil was worth 18-19 million at best.

  25. 22 mil for an O lineman. I think it’s safe to say O’Brien’s job is on the line this year and it should be when you’re paying the tackle that much.

  26. I love watching dysfunctional teams and Bill O’Brien is setting a new standard.
    All he needs to do is get rid of Deshaun Watson and he will have destroyed a good team in a 2 year period.

  27. You figure a $200 million cap with an even offense defense split. Watson will easily be in the $35 to $40 million range (knowing BOB maybe even push $50 million) add Tunsil’s roughly $20 million leaves somewhere around $40 million to pay the rest of offense about $1.7 million a player. See a lot of rookie free agents filling out this roster after they sign Watson. Hope BOB can draft very well and evaluate bottom level talent.

  28. Bill O’Brien is like that guy at the party that gets way too drunk, and starts doing stupid things and everyone keeps laughing at him assuming he’ll eventually get tired and pass out in the basement somewhere.

    Except he doesn’t, he just keeps taking things further and further and then decides he wants some tacos, so he steals someone’s keys and crashes their car into a telephone pole. Everyone wonders why they didn’t stop him before it got out of hand.

  29. Tuensil and Jalen Ramsey have the same amount of absurd leverage because of the ridiculous trades they were involved in. Tuensil increased the high mark for tackles by an unheard of 20% increase.

    Expect Ramsey to try to be the 1st $20+ mil CB in the league, much like the Texans, the Rams really have no choice.

  30. As a long time Houston sports fan I’m like everyone else and find Bill’s recent moves cringeworthy at best. That being said he’s always fielded a competitive team, minus the year Watson got hurt, so I’m gonna hold onto my butt and see how this all shakes out. Fingers crossed he has a long term plan..

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