Marquise Goodwin remains with 49ers but for how long?

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The 49ers got their receiver in the first round, selecting Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk 25th overall. What they didn’t do was trade a veteran wideout as hoped.

Marquise Goodwin, whom General Manager John Lynch thought he might trade Thursday, remains on the 49ers’ roster. The question is for how much longer?

The team still hopes to trade Goodwin sooner than later, getting something (anything?) of value in return.

Matt Maiocco of reports the 49ers have given Goodwin and his representation permission to negotiate a new deal with interested teams.

Goodwin is scheduled to make $4.5 million in salary and bonuses.

“We’re talking with a few teams, and we’ll see where that goes [Friday],” Lynch said Thursday night. “Kyle [Shanahan] just spoke to the strength of this receiver class, and you talk about the many variables holding things up, and I think that’s giving people pause. But people see the value in what Marquise brings. He’s an extremely talented player who is a game changer in terms of what he does to defenses. So there is interest out there. We’ll see where that goes. We’re trying to find a good home for him.”

Goodwin battled injuries last season, playing nine games.

Goodwin, 29, has played seven seasons, making 140 catches for 2,323 yards and 13 touchdowns.

6 responses to “Marquise Goodwin remains with 49ers but for how long?

  1. Goodwin will be with the 49ers until they accept a 2023 7th round draft pick for him or they cut Goodwin.

  2. Seriously tho who is willing to give up a draft pick for Marquise Goodwin? What I am missing here?

  3. Eagles will give you a 4th because Howie thinks he’s smarter than everyone.

  4. He did win the fastest man in the NFL race along with a Million bucks that he probably didn’t see. The Raiders have to be drooling over him

  5. Really inconsistent player who gets hurt a lot. Add the personal tragedies which twice forced him to have to take time off the last two seasons and you got a guy that is hard to be confident in as a football player.

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