Roger Goodell relieved at lack of problems, hopes to stay on schedule

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The NFL positioned itself as an agent of national relief, offering the 2020 NFL Draft as a moment of distraction during the coronavirus outbreak.

Commissioner Roger Goodell was likewise relieved when it was over.

Judy Battista of NFL Network spoke to Goodell after the completion of the longer-than-normal first round, and said he sounded “weary” after broadcasting from his basement.

“It went well, so I’ll sleep a little better,” he said. “It’s an adjustment, and it’s different.

“You don’t compare it to the other ones. It was really cool.”

There were problems along the way — specifically Goodell awarding the 2020 NFL Draft to Las Vegas (he meant 2022). But on the whole, the technology held up, there were no major problems with the mechanics of the annual selection meeting.

“It definitely was full steam ahead,” he said. “But you always have your hesitations, your concerns. I know how important this is to the clubs. If we had come out of this where they didn’t have time to make trades or if something operationally went wrong . . . but we heard zero of that. People were making a big deal of that, making a big deal of, is it really the right time to do this kind of event. . . .

“People were looking forward to it; it went way beyond interest in football. It struck a chord with people. I think, I hope, it sounds like we struck the right tone of recognizing health care workers and first responders while keeping the focus on football.”

Goodell suggested that some elements of last night’s process may carry over into future drafts, but the more immediate concern is what steps the league can take next. While the schedule release is still expected by May 9, all other football-related activities are on hold with team facilities locked down.

“My assumption is we will be opening them with some restrictions as far as the number of personnel,” Goodell said. “We’re going to seek to open them all at the same time for equity. What ultimately made the football folks comfortable at the club level with the draft was they were all working with the same rules. We are going to have to get the protocol straight. We can’t move to open until the last team can, so we may have to make some accommodations.

“Our job is to make sure we work through the problems and try to figure out a way to stay on schedule.”

That’s going to be a bigger challenge than broadcasting from his basement.

10 responses to “Roger Goodell relieved at lack of problems, hopes to stay on schedule

  1. I would’ve loved problems, the drat was extra boring to watch and took forever. Only made it too pick 14

  2. I thought the draft was awesome. I look at the draft like Christmas morning. All the teams get new presents and its exciting to see what everyone gets. I was never one to worry too much about the wrapping paper. I just want to see what’s inside.

  3. The best remote was Bruce Ariens in Tampa. Sitting on his porch in shorts and flip flops.
    I thought I saw an ice cold brewski on his table. Gotta love it.

  4. It was agonizing to get to the first pick and I’ll bet a lot of people switched channels or nodded off. I did both.

  5. Thanks to ESPN and NFL Network – All things considered, I think the production and technical aspects were well-done considering the circumstances. Kudos to all involved for giving us some enjoyment.

  6. Aside from seeing agents and friends/girlfriends in living rooms not 6ft apart, I could of used a few less commentators. Hearing 10 different people tell what they think about 1 player was 9 to many. But seeing CeeDee Lambs girlfriend yank his phone out of his hands was priceless. Yup, this could be a volatile relationship in the making.

  7. I’m just thrilled they had the draft, and considering the complexity of a live event with that many people, the NFL did a great job.

    Those of you complaining, you sound like a spoiled brat who cries they wanted that $1000 drone for Christmas, and then whine because they got the white with one stripe and you wanted the one with two stripes.

    Just be happy we got it.

  8. I don’t understand the negative comments.

    Given the huge challenges facing the NFL in this climate, I think they did an excellent job with very few glitches. The show was good, and the presentation slick, although the analysts did tend to go on a bit longer than usual(maybe to cover up a few gaps in the coverage?). Sadly, I am watching the re-run as couldn’t stay up all night. But I will be glued to the remainder of the coverage.

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