Bill O’Brien “furious” over Lions backing out of a trade

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At one point during Friday night’s broadcast of the third round of the 2020 draft, cameras captured an angry reaction from Texans coach Bill O’Brien, who stormed away from his at-home setup.

His anger was directed at Detroit.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans and Lions had a deal for the 90th pick in the draft. At the last second, the Lions backed out of the trade, and the Texans selected linebacker Jonathan Greenard in that spot.

As the NFL has said before and surely will say at some point again, no deal is done until it’s officially done. Still, that doesn’t prevent people from being upset when deals fall through — especially when there’s a camera that can capture their every reaction.

68 responses to “Bill O’Brien “furious” over Lions backing out of a trade

  1. Billy was really looking forward to that peanut butter and jelly sandwich they offered.

  2. Dang that sucks. I hope he still wants the guy and it was contingent on taking a guy they wouldn’t mind but prefer to trade because an offer was something they would want more.

    He helped us out, I don’t want him to be whammied like this.

  3. The 31 other teams should be furious that you reset the tackle market the way you did.

  4. Why should he be furious ??

    Clearly with OBriens track record for trades…

    The Lions did him a HUGE Favor by backing out…

    He probably offered J.J Watt for the lions 3rd rounder.

  5. Apparently the trade was a 3rd rounder and rights to Jahvid Best for Deshaun Watson and a 4th rounder.

  6. I think some of the Houston fans are still “furious” about losing Hopkins… it’s going around.

  7. O’Brien will go down as one of the worst, most gullible “GMs” in NFL history. I felt bad for his son being there in the shot. Classless dude.

  8. Probably tried giving Detroit next years 1st, 2nd,and Watson for the 90th. Texans fans should be thanking the Lions for this one.

  9. Bill O’Brien and Matt Patricia; reminds me of that scene in Planes,Trains,and Automobiles when Steve Martin says “when we put our heads together we really get nowhere…”

  10. Based on O’Brien’s recent moves, it’s probably a good thing for Texans fans that Detroit backed out

  11. not a good offseason for o’brien. not surprised Watson is hesitant to sign a new long term deal.

  12. This guy needs to go! He doesn’t even have credibility and respect of the other GMs.

  13. Whoops, Sorry lol… your a D for trading the best WR for a RB who sucks anyways.

  14. He probably was trading that pick for a bag of magic beans. Unfortunately, Matt Patricia cooked and ate them, so no deal. It’s okay Bill, you can always trade your QB for a 4th rounder tomorrow.

  15. Time to warm up the pitchforks and torches and suggest a new line of work,gm & head coach really isn’t working out.

  16. He was convinced that he had Deshaun Watson traded for a real GM, a bag of donuts and a 2nd round pick.

    Just on that “real GM” part, he has every right to be upset.

  17. BoB found another way to embarrass Texans fans, I’m so tired of this, we deserve better!

  18. It wasn’t the trade falling through that got him in a tizzy. He just came off his three-day high and realized what he just paid Laremy Tunsil!

  19. Bill OBrien is ALWAYS mad about something. ALWAYS. He will have the job for another year I guess, then he can be angry about being fired.

  20. Greenard will be feeling great right about now knowing the Texans didn’t want him.

  21. LOL the same bonehead who traded away one of the best WR in the game. For a broken down RB. He probably thinks if they call. You have a deal.

  22. well hopefully you can back out of that 22 million per disaster you negotiated as well

  23. He should be more upset over his previous moves. This probably helped him out.

  24. Some stories just write themselves! BOB keeps winning the 2020 off season. Poor trades, questionable free agent signings, and now this….

  25. Belichick needs to get these two together and sit them down for a fatherly talking to. “Now boys, this isn’t how brothers treat each other. But Dad still loves you and don’t worry, when you’re head coaching careers ultimately flame out I’ll have a special assistant position waiting for you.”

  26. O’Brien is and always has been nothing more than a hothead with questionable coaching skills. He fights with everybody. Remember that scene on the sidelines of that Patriot game where he was screaming at Brady? What a meathead. I feel sorry for Watson and Watt having to put up with this guy’s ineptitude. He reminds me of Jeff Fisher. Good old 8 and 8 coaches, both of them….

  27. O’Brien should have shown better judgement and not let his kids hang out there for sure, all on him. Not a fan of either team but I’m going to defend O’Brien just a little here, I’m pretty sure that isn’t the first time teams have disagreed on whether or not they had a trade. All of you who were starving for live sports action got what you wanted – again, terrible his son had to witness that. When you bring live TV into it, that’s what you get. Although the commentators didn’t say anything, ESPN stuck with the shot, they had cameras elsewhere they could have gone to. Rip away critics.

  28. Osman Dirie says:
    April 25, 2020 at 12:23 am
    The 31 other teams should be furious that you reset the tackle market the way you did.

    83 1 Rate This


    IT’s why the overrated Ozzie Newsome lost his job finally in 2017. He forgot to pay Flacco going into 2012, and spiked the QB market to 20 mil per as a result.

    Any team caught up in the QB sweepstakes at 25 mil per+ is a flawed team, construction wise.

    Pats set to shock people in 2020.

  29. Furious , the only time that word should be used is if it was coming out of a Texans fans mouth. If I was a Texans fan I’d be furious.

  30. u4iadman says:
    April 25, 2020 at 12:40 am
    Why is it so easy to dislike this Patriot clown?
    My God man, you’re envy, errrrr, obsession with the Patriots borders on the unhealthy.

  31. Dude ruined the tackle market. You cannot afford tackles beyond rookie deals now because of that ridiculous Tunsil deal.

  32. “Any team caught up in the QB sweepstakes at 25 mil per+ is a flawed team, construction wise.

    Pats set to shock people in 2020”

    Not very likely.

    Brady is gone. He was a huge reason for their success
    Patriots only have an unproven QB now, Jarrett Stidham
    The Patriots limped into the playoffs last year
    The AFC East is no longer the worst division in football

    While it is usually a bad move to count the Patriots out, they will have a very difficult time even making the playoffs this year (assuming we have NFL football this year).

  33. “Bill O’Brien, furious? Shocking, really. He’s usually so calm and in control,” said no one, ever.

  34. manderson4150 says:
    April 25, 2020 at 7:43 am
    As a Lions follower, too bad, take your bat and ball and go away…..this is our Super Bowl!!!
    As a Lions’ follower how would you be able to recognize a Super Bowl?

  35. tylawspick6 says:
    April 25, 2020 at 10:08 am

    ….”IT’s why the overrated Ozzie Newsome lost his job finally in 2017. He forgot to pay Flacco going into 2012, and spiked the QB market to 20 mil per as a result”…

    He (Ozzie Newsome)was scheduled to retire, he didn’t lose his job. Numerous articles in sports publications mentioned this a year or two prior to his departure.

  36. You’d think a team that traded away the best receiver in the NFL would have more picks than they know what to do with…

  37. Considering Bill’s recent trades, I’m not sure why anyone would back out of that. He probably offered Deshaun Watson and a 1st rounder for Matt Stafford.

  38. Detroit fans should be furious that the Lions front office pulled out of a trade w/ O’Brien. What’s the downside? Every single trade so far has been terribly lop-sided. I imagine this one wasn’t much different (unless Patricia and his GM are totally clueless).

  39. O’Brien goes by this time next year at the latest or the Texans will be looking for a QB again.

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