Daniel Snyder held his nose and did business with Mike Shanahan’s son

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The fact that Washington traded Trent Williams to the 49ers proves that Washington had no other options for trading Trent Williams.

Bad blood still exists between Washington owner Daniel Snyder and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, the son of former Washington coach Mike Shanahan and a former offensive coordinator in Washington.

Rewind to 2017. Weeks after Kyle got the job in San Francisco, Snyder reportedly refused to consider trading franchise-tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins to the 49ers, because he didn’t want to help Shanahan. So Snyder instead paid Cousins nearly $24 million for one more season, and than Cousins walked away in free agency to the Vikings, with no trade compensation.

Time hasn’t healed the wound. Asked before a 2019 return to Washington for a regular-season game, Kyle was asked by the media to identify the best part of working there.

“Being able to work with my dad, and be around some other good coaches,” Kyle Shanahan said.

So what was the worst part? “Everything else,” Kyle said.

Kyle apparently did like coaching Trent Williams. Because he’ll be coaching him again. Even if Snyder had to hold his nose before approving the trade.

9 responses to “Daniel Snyder held his nose and did business with Mike Shanahan’s son

  1. I hope the next time the Redskins play the 49ers Chase young will Drive Trent Williams into the ground like a corkscrew

  2. Well we already know what the Niner defensive front can do to your turnstile offensive line.

  3. It was Bruce Allen that wouldn’t do business with Shanahan, just like it was Allen who blew the opportunity to Trade Williams for a first round pick out of pettiness.

    That’s why Allen got fired.

  4. I bet that the Shanahans held their noses in 2012 when Snyder mortgaged the franchise to draft Robert Griffin.

  5. Snyder had a 2 time SB winning HC with a staff that had 3 coaches who are now HCs but chose to ignore their judgement that Griffin wasn’t ready. Instead he listen to a rookie running QB’s insistence that he didn’t need to study or learn and ordered Mike Shanahan to start RB-Fleabrain.When it became obvious to everyone but Snyder and GM Allen that spending 3 1st & a 2nd for Griffin was a disaster, Snyder refused to listen Scott McCloughan, one of the best player personnel guys of his generation, when he wanted to cut their losses, cut Griffin and sign Cousins when he could have had for a far a mor reasonable contract than the one the Vikings did. Instead he fired Shanahan, who tried to avert the disastrous pick, and McCloughan who tried to clean up the mess.When Snyder fired Allen he tried to act as if he was an innocent bystander at a twelve car pileup instead of being one of the instigaters.

    Washington will improve when Snyder backs off and realizes he isn’t the second coming of Vince Lombardi. Just like the 49ers made to the SB after Jed York, the son of the owner, stopped interfering with the professionals.

  6. Trent Williams is on the downside of his career. I never thought he was an elite LT. Good and solid but not elite. Multiple injuries lately too.

    Good move by the Redskins.

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