Report: Saints, Jameis Winston negotiating one-year deal

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Jameis Winston is preparing to accept a job where he’ll have no chance of starting.

Winston is finalizing a one-year contract with the Saints, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

In New Orleans, Winston would compete with Taysom Hill to back up Drew Brees. Last year’s backup, Teddy Bridgewater, has moved on to Carolina, and Winston would have a good chance of earning the No. 2 job, which the Saints seem hesitant to hand to Hill because of his role as a runner, receiver and special teams player.

The Saints don’t have much cap space available, so Winston is presumably not going to be making much money this season. But Winston may see New Orleans as a place where he can learn from Sean Payton and a good offensive coaching staff, and position himself to get a big contract next year — just as Bridgewater parlayed his time in New Orleans into a big contract this year.

A former No. 1 overall pick who was once viewed as the Buccaneers’ franchise quarterback of the future, Winston led the NFL in interceptions last season and will now try to learn the finer points of the quarterback position while backing up a future Hall of Famer.

56 responses to “Report: Saints, Jameis Winston negotiating one-year deal

  1. This can only help him. He needs to have a seat and take it all in. Learning from Brees and Payton is the type of NFL schooling a young, talented QB would dream of.

    If he is a model citizen for them, he has a realistic shot of being their starter in the post-Brees era. Teddy Bridgewater turned this opportunity into $65 million. What will Winston do with this opportunity?

  2. the saints with this, are not marching in,thru the door.
    they crawled in the back door.
    mr 30-30 winston, isn’t worth a toot

  3. Thats a great spot.
    Sean Payton is an offensive genius . And he can watch Drew . Should help him tremendously. Good deal Jameis.

  4. As a Bucs fan let me say this, if Payton fixes post-LASIK Jameis and the Saints get their next franchise QB because of our bungling his time hear I am going to be livid. Please let me be clear on this, I wish Jameis nothing but success…just not as part of a division rival 😢

  5. They traded up to take a QB now signing Winston. Is Taysom on the trading block or is he changing positions? I’m guessing hes gonna be used but not at QB.

  6. I suppose with Brees age and the way Hill is used by the Saints, having a guy like Winston is good insurance for potential injuries.

  7. Winston is turning into Kordell Stewert. Once you figure him out, he’s done.

  8. Was there not some sideline friction between him and Mike Thomas?
    Was there something else between him and an uber driver?
    Hope this is all bygones and outgrown.

  9. The mess slowly goes from bad to worse. They should’ve kept Teddy and got rid of the rest. I get it Saints, I didn’t want to see Brady leave NE and he’s been far more valuable than Brees! But nostalgia don’t win titles you just throw good money after bad while walking backwards.

  10. Jameis has never been anything resembling an above average QB.
    He is a direct beneficiary of the rule changes

  11. Sounds like Taysom Hill will be back to 3rd string gadget player duties. Pederson might be able to get him for free next year if he’s so enamored with Hill instead of spending a 2nd round pick on someone to do the same thing.

  12. So Taysom Hill must be feeling pretty low at this point. Saints draft a QB Hill type player and now sign Winston.
    So much for the “ I’m a franchise QB” play about a month ago.

  13. I always thought he was a bum. A over drafted bum with no work ethic.

    He will figure out quick what it takes to be a great QB. The saints will also figure out quick if he is too lazy.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t make the team especially without the off season work.

    He is the polar opposite of Teddy Bridgewater in work ethic and just about everything else.

  14. Bruce Ariens is a QB guru and he couldn’t fix this guy. Saints are trying for return of the Ain’ts !!

  15. What worked out for Bridgewater is Brees when down, and Bridgewater has lighting it up before he had that freak injury. Winston leads the NFL in INTs in the past several years, it’s not even close, and he has a history of what can be considered by many as serious character issues. There is no comparison. No chance of starting without injury to Brees. As a Bucs fan, I am just glad that no there is no chance the Bucs bring him back.

  16. Good deal, zero chance this fool ends up in NE now. Now some Pats fans will shut up.

  17. maxamili says:
    April 26, 2020 at 5:41 am

    Thats a great spot.
    Sean Payton is an offensive genius .


    Oh he’s offensive alright.

  18. I understand @OBPs position, but I thought everyone down there had Super Bowl tickets because of Brady and Gronk? We all know that’s all it takes to wind the Division, the Conference, and the Super Bowl?

    All seriousness though, good luck JW. Not sure what kind of QB you will be but I trust that you will be in a great spot to find out.

  19. Outside of being in the saints division, with his strength, I’ve always wondered what Jameis could be at his full potential. Hopefully he comes and eats with us!

  20. I wonder what Lattimore will do when he intercepts Winston for the first time during scout team practice. I can’t wait to find out!

  21. A nice move on Winston’s part and a potentially lucrative long term gig.
    Poor mechanics and decision making could be fixed with better coaching and with his starting experience and age, his upside his higher.

    Taysom Hill is a slash type player and not a true QB for the long term.

  22. They’ve promised Hill he’ll get more QB reps this season, so you hire this guy as your third string emergency only qb? Weird

  23. I think everyone’s missing the point here. I doubt they signed him for his arm. Probably more about Arians offense since they are loading up and they are in the same division.

  24. Seems like Jameis might have been humbled a bit by the lack of interest on the free agent market to this point. I agree with a lot of you that this is a good move for him and should help him revive his career if he can make the most of the year under Payton and Brees.

  25. you can fix footwork, you can fix throwing motions,you can fix anything physical, but you cant fix IQ…..ariens has worked with many elite qb’s and he could not do it….this is a sympathy outreach by payton….wonder what the locker room thinks about this….most players will tow the company line and say nice things about mr crab legs, but i would like to know what the players really think…could be a locker room killer….wonder what bobby hebert is thinking…

  26. The main reason Teddy got his contract is his play while Brees was injured. If Brees stays healthy and Winston rides the line, no team will give him a big contract. I agree with this being a good opportunity to learn. Disagree with the opportunity to parlay this into a big contract. He must’ve had no other offers with a chance to start.

  27. Good for him. Taking a 1 year deal at an established franchise with the chance to learn and grow from some of the best without really any pressure is a great idea if you plan on parlaying that into a fat deal later like Teddy.
    I can’t help but wonder if the human Swiss Army knife, Hill, is starting to get annoyed though with this…

  28. I don’t know how anyone can say Winston could be humbled by lack of interest in free agency, and that this is a chance to revive his career. He was certainly not humbled by his past transgressions. Not one bit. I am a Bucs fan, not a Saints fan by any stretch. But Drew Brees is the classiest guy ever to play the game I think and I am happy for Saints fans–they deserve great things given all they have been through. Now, I think Winston’s career is where it is due to his own doing. He is the one who blew off the plays Koetter sent in. He is the one who apparently couldn’t keep his hands to himself as any five year old knows to do. He is the one who said repeated in post-game pressers he’s got to be better, and then at the end of the season said he’s “balling” and for critics to “Check your sheet.” That is not humble. He had it ALL and thew it away. He cannot revive a career in short order unless something happens to Brees this year, AND he plays lights out, and there is NO Saints fan and really, NO NFL FAN that we’d think would want that anything bad to happen to Brees. Even as a Bucs fan I’d rather play the best and take the lumps due. Playing as a back-up under Payton’s coaching may help Jameis, but unlike Bridgewater, there is likely a lot more risk for a GM/owner to assume by paying Winston to come be their starter. We needn’t feel bad for Jameis; he’s a millionaire and I’d bet is pulling in about $3-4M with the one-year Saints gig. I wish him well but moreso, I wish well the people whom he may have transgressed. I think at the end of the day, he does what he wants. He seems like smart guy who knows what to say; he knows the right answers.
    But his behavior on and off the field just leaves question marks. I think he wants to do good. I just don’t know that he can. After five years, I’m just so glad the Bucs, who gave him more than enough chances, are done with him.

  29. Apparently the Saints are finally admitting what the rest of us knew, Taysom Hill is no answer as a starting or backup QB in the NFL.

  30. And nothing against Taysome Hill. Every time I see him play I am amazed that he just seems to always come up with the play. That is brilliant coaching, and dedicated play. That said, I have not seen in what I have heard and read about his pre-season play that he is a starting QB or a solid #2. I think he gets the play off the wrinkle, and would not be so effective as a drop back conventional passer. Heckuva player, but maybe just not a true QB.

  31. Not that I’m a fan of Jameis Winston,.. not by any means,…. but in regards to playing QB he never had a chance to sit back, watch and learn from a veteran NFL proven QB.
    Too many of these guys get thrown into the fire right out of college. Trial by fire.
    It helps if these draftees can get 1 or 2 years of training before being thrown to the wolves.

  32. So, he willing to work for cheap and backup a veteran QB. Bruce Arians was calling other teams this offseason telling them they should sign Winston. But isn’t the same opportunity that’s available in New Orleans available in Tampa? Speaks volumes of what Arians really thinks of Winston.

  33. Jameis is just one of those guys that looks like an all pro in one drive and a high school kid in the next. He needs coaching and teaching to cut down on those turnovers. Not just the INTs but the fumbles too.

  34. “He’s gonna have a full belly from all the W’s we eat in NOLA!”


    Except when it’s playoff rime and it matters.

  35. Smart move. This was something I said about Robert Griffin when he went to Cleveland. That wrong turn ended any chance he had after that. If you have a choice, go to one of the gurus and play and don’t go to these terrible franchises and hope it works out. He’s already done time in Tampa, which is the worst franchise in football by a mile, so no need to go to another one just because you have more of a chance to play immediately.

  36. Good move by the Saints. There was zero chance they would go into the season with an unproven Hill #2 and a late round draft choice being #3 on the depth chart. Once Drew retires there’s competition for the starting position. Whoever wins the job has an arsenal of weapons and a top 5 OL to work with. Saints win the division followed by TB, Carolina, then Atlanta.

  37. I believe this is a fantastic move by the Saints. Brees is the man in NOLA. Winston will be backing up Brees. Look at the QB’s who are the leading passers every year. You will find Brees and Winston leading that charge. So there are some similarities. The biggest difference is interceptions. Sitting behind Brees may give him a new outlook. Brees is taking an approach that’s year by year for him. If Brees retires new year, and Winston does well, he could become next years starting QB for the Saints by signing another contract. If Winston has a good year, and Brees stays around for another year, it can lead Winston to a starting QB for someone else.

    I look at Hill as a niche QB. Hill play is great filling that niche. Brees has missed some time the last 2 years. The question remains can a niche QB lead the Saints to a Super Bowl? I sure the Saints had the same question. Is Hill capable of being more than a niche QB? That’s the reason the Saints are thinking about signing Winston.

    I think it’s a great deal for both the Saints and Winston.

  38. Jameis has been throwing to Saints players for the last five years so should be an excellent fit. Good riddens.

    GO BUCS!

  39. thetooloftools says:

    April 26, 2020 at 6:36 am
    Winston is turning into Kordell Stewert. Once you figure him out, he’s done.


    OBVIOUSLY you’ve never seen James Winston run because he and Tom Brady probably have the same amount of foot speed. Winston was NOT a runner at FSU and certainly not one in the NFL. Stewart had foot speed, Winston does NOT!

  40. Hill is now paid to be the backup.. Winston is likely the gimmicky guy and that is about all he is good for..

  41. Desperation mode for the Saints. Should have never let Teddy Bridgewater go.

  42. He’s about to have a legit coach and well run organization for the first time in his pro career. On top of that, he’ll be in the same QB room as Drew Brees. Good for him.

  43. As a Bucs fan. I am absolutely disgusted that Winston refused to wear contacts or some corrective lenses while playing. When his helmet was off he was squinting at everything. I just can’t believe Tampa would pay him for years. And he couldn’t even see. Then Winston gets Lasik after ruining 5 seasons. That’s how much he cares about his team.

  44. It used to be young QBs stood on the sidelines with a clipboard watching and learning, picked the QBs brain, worked with the QB coach on timing, footwork, release, etc. He worked to be better able to better read defenses. This is a Golden opportunity for this young super talented QB. The past is the past.
    He gets a fresh start with a clean slate here. Other young QBs would give a years salary to be in his position to learn like in the old days before 1st year college QBs were expected to know everything in one training camp and become all pro overnight. Here is young Winston’s chance to take his time, everythingright way from the best and correct those bad habits. I bet Drew Brees will make himself available to do all he can to ensure Winston’s future success with the Saints.
    If he is the man he claims to be he will develop into the potential people saw in him when TB drafted him. I wish him every success.

  45. I can’t see this, due to his past. However, there’s always the possibility that I’m wrong. Here’s hoping that he complies and leaves his troubles behind him. As always,GEAUX SAINTS.

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