Giants use UFA tender on Markus Golden

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The Giants are employing a little-used provision in the NFL’s free agency rules to give themselves a better chance of keeping defensive end Markus Golden — or getting a compensatory pick for him if he goes elsewhere.

The Giants placed the unrestricted free agent tender on Golden, Field Yates of ESPN reports. That means if Golden doesn’t sign with another team by July 22, he can only play for the Giants this season. It also means that if Golden signs with another team by July 22, he will count toward the 2021 compensatory pick formula, meaning the Giants might still get a compensatory pick for him even though the deadline passed today.

The UFA tender is rarely used, but it’s not unheard of. The Patriots put the UFA tender on LeGarrette Blount in 2017. When Blount ended up signing with the Eagles, that helped the Patriots get a fourth-round compensatory pick in 2018.

If Golden signs the UFA tender, he’ll play for the Giants this year for a 10 percent pay raise over his 2019 pay excluding performance bonuses, which was $3.75 million.

Golden is one of the Top 10 available free agents in the NFL right now.

4 responses to “Giants use UFA tender on Markus Golden

  1. That’s what the Seahawks should do with Clowney. He comes back with 10% raise and if he ends up going elsewhere, he factors into the compensating formulation. The Seahawks honored their commitment to not franchise tag Clowney, but he hasn’t signed with anyone & nothing was said about being Restricted from using the “UFA Tender” process.

  2. I reversed my opinion after thinking about this: while Seattle only had a cap hit & paid Clowney $8M last season, his actual franchise contract from Texans was $15M and change. Thus, to put the UFA May5th tender would be between $16-17M. That just would make sense at this point.

    Hopefully he still comes back to the Seahawks when all gets worked out.

  3. Smart Move by the GIANTS that’s a Win/Win.

    Hopefully it means we get Golden Back.

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