Laremy Tunsil says “anything is possible” after negotiating his megadeal

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The Texans did not get an agreement for a long-term deal with Laremy Tunsil before trading for him last Aug. 31. It worked out well for the left tackle.

Tunsil signed a three-year, $66 million extension that includes $50 million guaranteed. His $22 million yearly average reset the offensive tackle market. Indianapolis’ Anthony Castonzo previously topped the left tackle list with a $16.5 million average, while Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson previously had the highest average among all tackles with his extension that pays him $18.1 million.

“That was one of my biggest things: I just wanted to reset the market and become the highest-paid offensive lineman, just to show all the young players under me that anything is possible,” Tunsil said on a conference call Monday. “You’ve just got to put your [mind] to it.”

He did the deal on his own, with advisers but no agent. Tunsil said talks with Bill O’Brien started in February.

“I feel like it was time to write my own destiny if that makes sense, to put things in my own hands to get it done,” Tunsil said of serving as his own agent. “You just have to bet on yourself. That’s what I did, and I got the deal done. I’m extremely proud of myself and the team. I’m still speechless.”

Tunsil will be 29 1/2 years old when he becomes a free agent in 2024, giving him an opportunity for another big-money deal.

He said he sought advice from other players who have done their own deals.

“I think I for sure started a trend by not having an agent and doing the deal on my own,” Tunsil said. “The players that I talked to, for instance like Bobby Wagner, he actually told me it was pretty easy doing the deal by yourself. The toughest part about doing the deal on your own is the terminology and just learning the terminology and be able to like voice it to the [team].”

While it worked for Tunsil not having an agent, it’s not for everyone. Most players still need someone to help negotiate the best deal possible.

13 responses to “Laremy Tunsil says “anything is possible” after negotiating his megadeal

  1. What has this clown done since joining the NFL? Apparently cashing paychecks of increasing denominations is what he is good at.

  2. Couldn’t pay Hopkins arguably what he’s worth but you have no problem overpaying a highly overrated tackle. Makes sense.

  3. BOB is clearly in way over his head as a GM if a player representing himself can reset the market during negotiations. One of these guys is getting paid to do this for a living…

  4. Not worth that kind of $ but but any one could play poker with BOB and take him to the cleaners.

  5. Texans are a mess because O’Brian is on power hungry crusade. Sorry, but since the death of the owner he’s grabbed alot of control over that franchise. He’s a OK coach but not a real GM.

  6. O’Brien painted himself into a corner by making the trade without first securing a long term deal. In any negotiation, the 3 components are: Power, Information and Time. O’Brien gave all 3 to Tunsil. Easy Money.

  7. I want to “negotiate” will Bill O’Brien too! He’s proving every week why he cannot shop for the groceries and cook the meal too. He’s giving new meaning to Texas Toast!

  8. @lesepi says:
    April 27, 2020 at 3:29 pm
    What has this clown done since joining the NFL? Apparently cashing paychecks of increasing denominations is what he is good at.
    I’ll be a clown too!

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