Patriots are betting favorites to sign Cam Newton

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The Patriots didn’t select a quarterback in the three-day draft, but signed undrafted free agent Brian Lewerke of Michigan State afterward.

That leaves the Patriots with Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer and Lewerke as the quarterbacks on their roster.

It’s no wonder, after the Chargers drafted Justin Herbert, that the Patriots are the favorites to sign Cam Newton.

FanDuel Sportsbook released its updated odds for Newton.

The Patriots, at -190, lead the way. They are ahead of the Jaguars (+300), Steelers (+750), Broncos (+1000), Bears (+1100), Raiders (+1500) and Washington (+1500).

The Panthers released Newton on March 24.

Newton, the first overall pick in 2011, turns 31 next month.

35 responses to “Patriots are betting favorites to sign Cam Newton

  1. The Patriots don’t have a lot of cap space so how exactly are they going to sign him unless he’s willing to take something in the neighborhood of a one-year $1M contract? I doubt that’s something Cam is interested in. It’s not like he has a lot of options though.

  2. Cam is the literal opposite of the Patriot Way.

    He checked out years ago building his brand off the field. The people around him probably don’t have the balls to tell him he just doesn’t have it anymore

    NE better off grooming Stidham.

  3. The Pat’s don’t want a broken QB.
    He sucks at throwing and his biggest strength which is running is no more from many injuries.
    Thanks but no thanks

  4. Don’t see Cam fitting into Bill’s wheelhouse, not to mention he doesn’t quite have the accuracy for McDaniel’s offense. See Bill moving for Dalton.

    Bill didn’t take a QB because the game film of Eason, can’t read D’s very well, and Fromm, doesn’t have accuracy, arm strength and ability to read offense, wasn’t very good and not worth anything more than maybe a 6th rounder at best.

  5. mzew233 says:
    April 27, 2020 at 4:42 pm
    I dont see Bill getting along with Cam. Thats not going to work.
    yeah, they said the same thing about corey dillon and randy moss too

  6. The only way the Patriots sign Scam Newton is if they’re in Tank for Trevor mode and want to expedite getting the 1st overall pick for next year’s draft. I honestly don’t see Scam Newton on a team next year. Period. No team wants the drama or liability of a broken QB who’s more than a handful for the team.

  7. Unless Cam develops some humility and a willingness to accept a much smaller than anticipated contract, I just don’t see this working out, if it does happen. Newton has enough trouble staying healthy, and his ego doesn’t match his production (at least not in recent seasons).

    I wish Newton well, but he’ll need to make changes if he wants to be a Patriot.

  8. I don’t see it as a fit. The attributes NE seems to value most are accuracy and a quick release.

  9. I have a better shot at signing with the Patriots then Cam so let’s end that nonsense right now

  10. Whether Belichick signs Newton or Dalton or nobody new, depends on three factors:
    1. How Stidham looks in practice.
    2. How healthy Newton is.
    3. How the interview goes.
    Belichick took a chance on Randy Moss and it almost paid off.

  11. I just don’t see it. They’ll have to trade Tuney to free up the cap space. One of the biggest thing their offense is predicated on is timing and accuracy – not exactly Newton’s strengths. They look like a ground and pound team with a game manager QB. Newton isn’t going to do that – or try to rush for 800 yds.

  12. Vegas adjusts the odds based on how the bets are coming in. All their odds on this one is merely proof of how stupid many bettors are and how Vegas gets rich.

    1) Pats run the most complex variation of the West Coast Offense. Can couldn’t run the far mor simple Panther offense. The time they tried to convert Cam into a pocket passer resulted in too many hit followed by Cam’s crybaby act. BB’s entire history with QBs (Tim Coach, Bledsoe, Brady, Bian Houer, JimmyG, JacobyBrisette…) are all pocket passers,starters, backups,draft picks.

    2) BB and dabbing? Belichick hates showboaters, Can is nothing but.

    3) On BB’s teams, there are no sacred cows. Even Brady gets grilled when he screws up.
    Cam’s fragile ego would shatter if subjected to that kind of scrutiny and criticism.

    4) BB wants players to work at the art and craft of their profession, Cam after all these years still has bad footwork and bad throwing mechanics.You don’t get better by working at your strengths but on your weaknesses.

  13. In the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl he put himself above his team. He’s not a fighter. I’m sure Belichick saw that as well as anyone.

  14. Cam keeps getting his name floated for every team that needs a backup QB. No one’s going to sign Cam, least of all BB who doesn’t tolerate “hey look at me!” guys.

  15. I don’t think Newton can pick up the modified Erhard-Perkins system. He’s not smart enough, he doesn’t care enough to do anything beyond what his physical gifts allow him to. He’s a blessed athlete with all the tools and tons of physical gifts. I simply don’t think he would apply himself as he typically tries to get by on God given talent alone.

    If he had applied himself from day one with those gifts he could have won 5 mvp awards.

    I don’t trust him, his intellect or his ego.

  16. belichick says the most important qb characteristics are judgement and accuracy. yikes!

  17. Off subject, Belichick should coach Buffalo on his next stop. only other coach with that cachet was Paul Brown in cleveland.

  18. Actually, it makes a lot of sense.
    Belichick wants to upgrade his wardrobe and move on from hoodies.
    Cam can help him get some nice hats.
    It’s a win-win all around.

    As an asside, if a player fumbles or throws a pick 6 (like Stridham did in 2019 against the Jets) Belichick pulls them. I can imagine Belichick’s reaction if a QB fumbles in the super bowl and doesn’t try and recover his fumble.

  19. Cam Newton is the exact opposite of what the Patriots need. Belichick is going back his early early years with the Patriots and building a team of no name players who will buy in to his system. A team whose star players don’t take Mondays through Wednesday off because their shoulder hurts or throw the younger players under the bus instead of taking responsibility for their own play. A team whose don’t buy into the media hype and give themselves a nickname before they’ve actually accomplished anything. Though the football pundits may not like this Patriots team I have a feeling Belichick is excited with the opportunity to build a team in the mold of that 2001 group of players. Why is it so inconceivable that the Patriots go with a young QB that works hard and has the character and skill set that Belichick values? Can you imagine what the last 20 years would look like if he panicked and brought in a veteran QB to play over Brady when Drew Bledsoe went down?

  20. every single year. every single free agent. “he’s totes going to the patriots y’alllll”. why? when will it end?

  21. I’m not sure that this happens, but Newton is much different today than he was in 2015. His athleticism has decreased and his maturity has increased (which isn’t just me saying that he’s getting older, haha). I’ve said this before, but I would seriously encourage everyone to watch the Panthers’ All or Nothing if they have access to it. Newton is still concerned with, in my opinion, childish things, but his maturity and commitment to his teammates is shown in detail. He is a much better leader and a much more able teacher than he was five years ago, and I would highly encourage everyone to see that before making final judgement on his character today. Again, I agree with some of the sentiment (the ridiculous outfits, the showboating), but it’s hard to say that Cam hasn’t changed after watching the series.

  22. whenwilliteverend says:
    April 27, 2020 at 4:47 pm
    The Patriots don’t have a lot of cap space so how exactly are they going to sign him unless he’s willing to take something in the neighborhood of a one-year $1M contract? I doubt that’s something Cam is interested in. It’s not like he has a lot of options though.

    These people today don’t think let alone do any research!

  23. Who are Erhard and Perkins? Are they the actual developers of the West Coast deal? Or, Apple and didn’t ever get a mention?

  24. BTW, if you gamble and are on a losing streak, bet all you can he won’t be signed by the Steelers

  25. Maybe if Bill shared the fanbase nostalgia for Steve Grogan. But I doubt Cam is as elusive in his twilight years.

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