Sean McVay sought NBA coach’s advice for virtual meetings

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Football coaches love nothing more than a routine.

Now that no one has one, they’re being forced to look for creative ways to reach their teams.

Via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, Rams coach Sean McVay said he talked to L.A. Clippers coach Doc Rivers for tips on meeting with players when he can’t physically meet them.

McVay said his goal was to make the online sessions “educational, entertaining and engaging,” and Rivers told him that 12 to 20 minutes was the ideal length for meetings if he wanted to keep his players’ attention.

“Always splicing in some TV clips is a good way,” McVay said Rivers told him, “as long as they say nice things about the players from the commentary. . . .

“I’m excited about it, and hopefully we’ll keep it fun for these guys.”

Complicating matters for McVay is the fact he has three new coordinators this offseason, making it harder to install the new stuff if he’s doing it in 12- to 20-minute segments. But that’s the challenge for every NFL team, as they try to chart waters they’ve never sailed before.

4 responses to “Sean McVay sought NBA coach’s advice for virtual meetings

  1. Hey everybody! Look! Sean McVay’s thinking outside the box! Alert the media!

  2. Hey Sean, why don’t you speak with Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturers (e.g. Intel)? They’ve run multi-billion dollar businesses via video- & teleconference for decades. You’d look even more unconventional and might learn how they institute change management too.

  3. “and be sure to use a lot of bright colors too! animated cartoon characters can’t hurt, and if you can, try to sneak in a celebrity cameo!”

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