Broncos feel Drew Lock has a chance to be good for a long time

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For the first time in a few years, the Broncos headed into the offseason and the draft feeling good about their future at quarterback.

It’s a small sample size, but Drew Lock looked the part last season in going 4-1.

“The way he went about his business, it didn’t really affect him a lot of times,” Broncos General Manager John Elway told Mike Tirico on NBC Sports’ Lunch Talk Live on Tuesday. “The eyes get big and they kind of start looking, ‘Where am I,’ and they seem to be affected by the magnitude of the NFL. But Drew did not do that at all. He took it on and played with confidence and enjoyed it out there and ran around and had all the physical talent. You just never know how they are going to handle the game mentally, and I think he has done a tremendous job and the guys rallied around him and really believed in him.

“I think we have something in Drew that we can really build on, and obviously, he still has a ways to go. He has only started five games and was on I.R. 10 weeks before that last year, so this offseason is going to hurt him a little bit, because we haven’t been able to get him in there. But he’s a guy that we really feel has a chance to be a good football player in this league for a long time.”

The Broncos have not had much success finding a successor to Peyton Manning. Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen combined to go 24-36 for the Broncos after Manning and before Lock inherited the job.

14 responses to “Broncos feel Drew Lock has a chance to be good for a long time

  1. Lock looks like a decent player and handled being thrown into the league fairly well. Broncos fans are going a little crazy though for a guy that went 4-1 against 4 trash teams, only put up average numbers against those trash teams and lost badly to the only good team. I think not having a normal offseason will hurt his 2nd year jump but they probably have a guy that’s top 10-12 in the league moving forward.

  2. The Broncos are desperate for a good QB after Elway’s draft misses over the years.

  3. Wasn’t this the same GM who gushes over “steals”, pats himself on the back, and then embarrasses himself on the other side?

  4. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    April 28, 2020 at 7:29 pm
    The Broncos are desperate for a good QB after Elway’s draft misses over the years.

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    You would know all about that, Jets Fan. lmao

  5. It’s funny to watch all of these Bronco hating posters bag on John Elway about Quarterback misses when that is the them of the NFL today.. Please go back and check out the QB misses and hits over the past 20 years and then come back and apologize.. THE HARDEST THING to HIT on in the NFL is QB, please do some research before making snarky comments..

  6. I think you have to look no further than this comment section to reals that the Pats gave the biggest troll fans of them all. So many other cities get a bad rap. New England fans are the worst in sports. Zero self awareness.

  7. Denver has crowned this guy. And I mean their fans. Now that there is a little tape on him, we will really see how he is. “Oh look he’s dancing on the sidelines, he EXUDES confidence.” Give me a break, Denver. He was playing in low pressure situations last year with nothing to lose. That changes this year with high expectations.

  8. patriots’ fans are about to find out just how hard it is to find another generational QB

  9. The kid looks good, and they’ve surrounded him with playmakers. Should be a way more exciting Broncos team this year.

  10. As a Raiders fan, I hope the kid is decent, (not great, ha) the NFL is so much fun when the AFC West is among the best divisions, and it seems to be leaning back that direction again. As of now I don’t think he’s (Drew Lock) made that leap, averaging 204 yards passing per game, A 7-3 touchdown, interception ratio. That said he’s certainly got the offensive weapons now, and the potential to make that leap. It should be fun to watch, I’m guessing he’ll have some growing pains with a shortened offseason likely, but I could see him making some noise in a year or two.

    I expect KC to be the team to beat (obviously). I think the Raiders close the gap a bit this year and make a wild-card appearance. The Bronco’s are not far behind, but just fall short, with QB inexperience and a tougher division. The Charger’s have growing pain’s with
    Taylor and/or Herbert coming in they are another year away or so to putting it all together, although a solid defense will keep them respectable.

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