Cardinals expect Kyler Murray to “grow a lot” this season

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Kyler Murray had a good enough rookie season that he won offensive rookie of the year honors.

The Cardinals quarterback completed 64.4 percent of his passes for 3,722 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

The best part for the Cardinals was Murray wasn’t satisfied. The 5-10-1 record didn’t sit well with him, considering he’s won everywhere he’s been.

The Cardinals expect Murray to grow between year one and year two.

“I think it comes down to the professional side of it, and that’s the way he studies, the way he prepares,” Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim told Mike Tirico on NBC Sports’ Lunch Talk Live on Tuesday. “Not that he didn’t before, but we all know that to be an elite quarterback in this league, you have to be prepared mentally more than anything else, and I think the guy has shown that he’s got a tremendous skill-set. The athleticism is off the charts. I think he’s even a better pure passer than people have anticipated, but the thing that’s gonna separate him is the ability to process, to see things, to make good decisions, get the ball out of his hands, don’t take so many sacks. I think those are the areas that you’re going to see him grow in 2020.”

It will help that Murray has another play-making weapon in DeAndre Hopkins.

18 responses to “Cardinals expect Kyler Murray to “grow a lot” this season

  1. When they say “grow a lot” does this mean that he won’t be 5’9″ at the end of the season?
    Little man is going to get crushed this year. One year of tape will result in those holes closing and 270lb freight trains crashing down on him.

  2. Funny about all that smack talk from the Niners, who Kyler lit up with two 300-yard passing games last year. Niners were lucky to win both those games. This year won’t be the same if the Niners’ usual injury-prone history proves true again.

  3. Patrick Mahomes was the best QB on the Chiefs roster the moment they drafted him, but he sat out his rookie year for a reason. There’s just way too much to learn. Murray hasn’t even begun to learn. He’ll get way better. I’m assuming he’s going to work hard. His dad was a blue chipper too. Great athletes have always been able to run their way out of trouble, so it doesn’t surprise me when they take a little longer to figure out how to play from the pocket. I watched Steve Young’s career, and he was a very smart kid, yet he took a while to become what he eventually became. I mean, why get hit when you can run for 25 yards? Actually, Young had a bum ankle one game early in his career, and that was the best I’d ever seen him play up to that point. Then Mike Shanahan came along and the rest was history, so the coach sometimes makes a difference too.

  4. I’m excited to see who ends up being the better QB. He or Gardner Minshew who I thought should have been OROY.

  5. I like to picture that Keim has a doorway into his office with pencil-drawn lines tracking Kyler’s growth: 5 foot 9; 5 foot 9 and an eighth…

  6. ….should have traded down a few spits..take offensive lineman…that’s what Murray needed

  7. For a guy who couldn’t string 2 sentences together in interviews pre draft without looking at his dad…..he sure looked good his rookie season.

  8. I would say getting that new toy to play with the already hof wr he better be way better.

    It is not like he has nothing to work with.

  9. You expect him to “grow” a lot as a small little run based QB, with no OTAs, no camp, a middling rookie year as the #1 overall pick, only Drake at RB to protect him, and teams easily bracketing Hopkins all game?

    Good luck.

  10. Haters still hating. Keep it up. He fed you crow once, he’ll do it again.

  11. Maybe he should just try to be an average QB. He still isn’t there yet. He’s as underwhelming as any overhyped psuedo QB that we’ve seen.

  12. jackedupboonie says:
    April 28, 2020 at 4:01 pm
    For a guy who couldn’t string 2 sentences together in interviews pre draft without looking at his dad…..he sure looked good his rookie season.

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    I mean, he’s a great athlete, but so was Mike Vick. Hasn’t the league figured out it’s as much between the ears as it is physically at this position? Trends will come and go, but that will never change.

  13. Hopkins made Tom Savage and Brock Osweiler look serviceable. He’ll make “Shrimp Man” Murray better.

  14. Just ask Russell Wilson how important size is for a QB. Not a Cardinals fan, but he is going to be fantastic.

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