Dustin Colquitt says goodbye to the Chiefs

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The Chiefs will have a new punter in 2020.

Dustin Colquitt, who has had the punting job in Kansas City for 15 years, posted on Instagram that he is leaving.

“I have enjoyed my time in Chiefs Kingdom, all things come to an end, sometimes sooner than you hoped, prayed & pleaded for them to,” Colquitt wrote. “I’ll miss walking into the building & smelling the coffee, talking to everyone . . . it took me forever to weave through some of the most loving people you’d ever hope to work with. I was a young kid when I first walked into Arrowhead . . . hell, the indoor facility used to be 70 yards. Holding this post for 15 years has been an honor that I never took for granted. Thank you KC.”

It appears that the Chiefs decided to cut the 37-year-old Colquitt to save the $2 million he would have been paid this season. The Chiefs signed punter Tyler Newsome to a contract that pays him just $610,000, and they may plan to bring in another low-priced punter to compete for the job in camp.

Colquitt has played 238 games with the Chiefs. Among active players, only Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald (250) and Lions long snapper Don Muhlbach (244) have played in more games with their current teams.

7 responses to “Dustin Colquitt says goodbye to the Chiefs

  1. Hey MDS do a little homework. Maybe he was let go because he ranked below 25 or 26 other punters in the NFL and only punted 48 times. I also think he had 2 blocked. Results and Salary got him but Results were the biggest reason.

  2. Nicw way to go out in KC, with a ring. Hard to believe he’s been there for 15 years.

  3. His stats don’t show any decline in performance. I see he rarely fails to put the ball inside the twenty and stays away from touchbacks. I’m not sure I would have made the change after just winning a Super Bowl, but perhaps it was required to remain under the cap. ($3.5M right now)

  4. The man is class personified. Thanks for being in KC and making a difference on and off the field.

  5. Best wishes. You were on teams that weren’t worth spit. You went out with class and you deserve a pat on the back. Best wishes with your life.

  6. Funny to think that Colquitt’s been there 15 years. Funny to think that his brother Britton was a longtime punter for the Denver Broncos. Funny to think that along with their father, the Colquitts are the best punting family in NFL history. Funny to imagine a great punting family, but hey, there it is.

    Great career, and cool that he got to spend it all in one place, if he retires. If not, he still meant a lot to the Chiefs and hopefully finds a good job elsewhere after finally winning a ring. Great statement by him too.

  7. I consider myself a pretty big Chiefs fan… But if someone would’ve asked me’s age I would’ve guessed 30.

    I know punters get little to no recognition but this guy has been through it ALL.

    GOOD LUCK Dustin!

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