Report: Bashaud Breeland arrested on five charges

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Police arrested Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland in York, South Carolina, on Tuesday, The State reports.

Breeland faces five charges — resisting arrest, transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken, open container of beer or wine in a motor vehicle, possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana or 10 grams of hash and driving without a license.

He was booked in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Chiefs said they were aware of the situation, the newspaper reports.

Breeland, 28, signed a one-year, $4.5 million deal with the Chiefs earlier this month.

He joined the Chiefs in 2019 and played all 16 games in the regular season with 15 starts. Breeland started all three postseason games and intercepted Jimmy Garoppolo in the Super Bowl.

23 responses to “Report: Bashaud Breeland arrested on five charges

  1. Wow 5 charges that sounds really bad. Except that he was not intoxicated. He was driving with under 28 grams of marijuana, which is not even a crime in many states. And he had a bottle of alcohol and/or wine that were opened at some point, with no suspicion of DUI. Sounds to me like the biggest crime here is driving without a license. Time to throw the book at him i suppose

  2. No license? Resisting arrest? Broken seal? Open container? Pot possession?
    Nothing by itself sounds terminal…..stacking of charges for failing attitude test is much more probable. Hopefully, it gets worked out okay.

  3. Well, he wasn’t great but had experience… That said they defense became good enough to teach a newer, potentially cheaper, guy.

    Seriously, guys… Drinking and driving is bad enough but you’re going to do it with pot too.

  4. Not a big deal. I mean, did he wreck? Did he kill anybody? Did he pull a gun? What did he do? He was just driving? Geez, go find some real criminals. Waste of taxpayer’s money.

  5. 5 charges for an open container and a little bit of weed? Southern cops are ridiculous.

  6. Driving without a license might be the most surprising, I’m surprised he didn’t get a dui also

  7. I guess when you only make $4.5mil/yr you can’t afford the Uber and wait till you get to the next bar!

  8. He won’t get much of a punishment from the courts, this is all minor stuff. Not sure if the same can be said for league discipline, though.

  9. Still can’t understand how these multimillionaires can’t pick-up the phone and get a ride. They think they’re above the law.

  10. Oh well, I guess the Redskins picked the right Chiefs corner to give a 40 million contract.

  11. And the Chiefs won’t cut him even though he could of killed someone. Surprising.

  12. He won’t even face a fine. How many players are arrested with similar charges and how many have them either dropped or reduced to something thats not even related to the original charges.

  13. This guy really knows how to shoot himself in the foot when it comes to making money. There is a reason that despite his above average play on a superbowl winning team including a great performance in the super bowl, teams were not calling him this offseason. Just remember the last time he was up for a pay day. In 2017 he signed a 3 year 24/mil contract with the Panthers, but they rescinded the offer after he got a foot infection vacationing in the Bahamas. After missing out on the 24 mil he ended up signing a vet min 800k contract with the Packers. Here is a guy who at times has been an above average player for 3 different franchises(Redskins, Packers, Chiefs) – he should have career earnings at least around 40-50 mil, yet as we stand has only earned 7 million in 6 seasons and now may have his contract voided. Some guys just can’t stay out of trouble. This as he watches his Chiefs teammate Kendall Fuller sign a 4 year/40 mil contract.

  14. Ask the people arrested and convicted for a DUI. I would say they did not think big deal either. What should be asked why do to many players in the NFL put themselves in this position.

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