Seahawks weren’t willing to extend $16.5 million UFA offer to Jadeveon Clowney

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It’s not known what the Seahawks have offered defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. However, the team’s decision not to extend a UFA tender to Clowney means that whatever Seattle has offered falls below a 10-percent bump over what he made in 2019.

With a total salary of $15 million last year, $7 million of which was paid by the Texans, the Seahawks for an investment of $16.5 million could have used the same device that the Giants used on defensive end Markus Golden in order both to extend the ability to secure compensatory-pick consideration for the player and to acquire exclusive dibs on his services if he doesn’t sign with someone else by July 22.

Clowney was believed to be looking for $20 million initially in free agency, but his expectations reportedly dropped after weeks passed with no real interest in his services. Whatever he ultimately gets, the Seahawks currently weren’t willing to keep him for another year at $16.5 million.

The inability to take a physical imposed by team doctors surely has impacted Clowney’s market. Once facilities re-open and travel restrictions relax, it will be interested to see whether Clowney’s wait will continue.

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  1. Easy for me to say, it isnt my life/money. But it is mind boggling to the average person, to see the way some players deal with the financials. Are you really going to be hurting if you sign for 15 million instead of 16 million? Like Prescott insisting on 35 million per year. Why not ask for 35 million, and then come across as a team first guy when you compromise on 30 million? I grasp the idea of getting everything you can get, but in some cases, when the numbers are as astronomical as that, it seems absolutely stupid.

  2. Didn’t Seattle prior to the trade agree to not tag Clowney? Or was that just the Franchise Tag?

  3. Clowney can be very good if he puts forth the effort. Unfortunately, his effort seems to be just enough to get a paycheck. You can’t count on a player if you have to remind him to play hard on a particular down.

  4. When you take off plays and are injured frequently then asking for 20 million is just flat comical. If I pay a guy 20 million I need him to be a stud for 60 plays a game. Not 8.
    Anyone signing him north of 10 million is going to regret it.

  5. so every “expert” in the national media, and many in the local Houston media (not the brightest bulbs) bashed and bashed and bashed Bill O’Brien for the trade.

    At the time (a year ago, and into last summer) Clowney was looking for $80M+ guaranteed from the Texans.

    What the media either ignored or preferred to dumb down listeners/readers is that the Texans already have committed big cap commitments to JJ Watt on the defensive line.

    The Texans have a franchise QB (D. Watson) coming due for a big contract, they needed a high quality left tackle and to pay him (done so with Laremy Tunsil), as the Texans had already made the mistake of drafting David Carr #1 and providing no oline help, essentially wasting the Carr pick…and like any team that wants to compete for a title you’re going to have to pay someone in the defensive secondary.

    Bottom line, the Texans, and anyone with an IQ greater than 50 should know this, simply couldn’t afford Clowney. Never mind there are legit questions with regards to his health, his motor (only seems to show up on prime time televised games), and frankly his ability (keep in mind, he was single teamed all the time with the Texans as Watt was at his peak then)….

    In the end…the trade.

    Seattle got the use of Clowney for one season and will get no compensatory compensation for hm.

    Houston got a 3rd round pick in this past draft and Jacob Martin, who last year was a young 2nd year (very cheap) developing linebacker with great athleticism (check out Martin late in the playoff game against Buffalo).

    Bill O’Brien won that trade…big time…but you won’t ever hear that from the mob mentality (we all must think alike) media.

    And for the record…he stole, literally stole Tunsil from Miami. Look at the full details of the trade if you want the truth….don’t let the agenda driven media fool you.

  6. I didn’t know the inability to take a physical was imposed by team doctors.

    My, my, my, how the narrative does change.

  7. “I wouldn’t even offer him 8 mil base on his injury prone history.”


    This is a much better argument than the popular but completely impossible to verify “taking plays off” argument. Tape supports the above argument, and does not provide evidence for the latter.

    Now, I would definitely give him $8 million with that said, but I do get the concern.

  8. If Seattle had a hand shake agreement not to franchise him….it would absolutely kill their relationship if they then slapped this little known clause just because he’s still unsigned.

  9. Seahawks have until May 5 to assign the Unrestricted Free Agent Tender. [They agreed not to “Franchise” him; this is different] They have the Cap Space now with the moves made in the last two days.

    The real question; What benefit is there in using it? At this point it appears Clowney won’t get a $16.5M offer, so tendering him would make it hard to sign elsewhere, almost guaranteeing he remains with the Seahawks. If $16.5M was close to what they were ultimately willing to give up to keep him, they should tender him. I don’t think it likely that they are. The Seahawks are plus 1 in potential compensatory picks, so losing him does nothing for them. However, he would remain an eligible comp player, so teams already slated fo receive a comp pick might lose one by signing him. Teams with enough cap space & potentially eligible for 2021 comp picks include: Lions $29M, Colts $24M, Eagles $23M, Chargers $22M, & Titans $21. There are 14 other comp eligible teams w/o enough cap space and 7 non comp eligible teams with sufficient Cap Space.

    I would like to have Clowney remain in Seattle for another year, and more…, I would offer him $15M, one year, no trade, no franchise tag, fully guaranteed contract. It’s not what he wanted, but he gets a year to prove he is healthy again. If he produces and is durable, he can still get a very good, lucrative, long term, contract next off season.

  10. He’s a good player, but doesn’t elevate his team like the better DEs do. Basically, had one sensational game in prime time last season then was hurt and generally disappeared for games on end.

    A ten-mil a year guy if you have outstanding tackles and LBs.

  11. Looking more and more like Clowney goes to Tenn and Everson Griffen heads to Seattle.

  12. So he wants 20 million a year and as never had a double digit sack year and that’s with playing all those years across Watt. 8 million tops is all he is worth.

  13. Troy Wilson says:
    April 28, 2020 at 10:52 am
    Didn’t Seattle prior to the trade agree to not tag Clowney? Or was that just the Franchise Tag?

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    just the franchise tag

  14. I wouldn’t take him at any price. What, exactly, is his value to a team? Not playing 16 games? Do you know where he ranked last season? The dude had 30 tackles and 3 sacks. He ranked 124th in sacks. But he wanted $20 mil? In what world?

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