Young whippersnappper Sean McVay struggles with meeting technology

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Everyone was worried during the draft that one of the old guys like Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman would be the one to screw up the technology.

But during his first virtual offseason meeting with his team Monday, it was 34-year-old Rams coach Sean McVay who couldn’t quite figure out how to take himself off mute.

Via Lindsey Thiry of, McVay admitted that everything went smoothly, except for a period when he didn’t enable his audio, leaving guys talking to themselves for what receiver Josh Reynolds described as about 10 minutes.

Provided some good comic relief for guys,” McVay said. “I was feeling myself a little too much on this IT and got a dose of humble pie.”

Reynolds laughed and acknowledged the first session wasn’t without challenges.

“The whole time, we were all trying to hear each other,” he said. “It was definitely interesting, but good to see everybody’s face.”

McVay’s been studying the best way to keep the sessions engaging for players. He’s having four 90-minutes sessions a week, breaking them into segments of 12 to 20 minutes at the suggestion of NBA coach Doc Rivers.

The 58-year-old Rivers will be a guest speaker this week, and presumably, he’ll know how to turn his audio on.

4 responses to “Young whippersnappper Sean McVay struggles with meeting technology

  1. Note to NFL teams. You need a complete IT staff regardless of the situation. Coaches should be supported all the way by people who actually know things. I would not run a team without having proper IT professionals because there is so much you can do beyond just making sure the coach knows about the audio button.

  2. Damn, now we’re down to a 12-minute attention span for NFL players? This is the new normal in dumbed down America, I guess. Sigh.

  3. Lets just mute anything about Sean McVay and his inability to handle technology. Is this really even a story or just board fodder?

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