Brett Favre: I think Aaron Rodgers will play somewhere else before he retires

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When the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers, it set the wheels in motion for Brett Favre to leave Green Bay and finish his career elsewhere, playing first for the Jets and then for the Vikings. Now Favre thinks the Packers’ selection of Jordan Love will result in Rodgers playing elsewhere as well.

Favre said on Rich Eisen’s show that Rodgers will wear another uniform before his career is over.

“I think he will play somewhere else,” Favre said.

Favre said he talked to Rodgers after the Love pick, but declined to go into specifics about their conversation. Favre did say, however, that the pick sends a message to Rodgers that the team is preparing to move on from him, and that Rodgers shouldn’t have to help out with that process.

“It’s not Aaron’s job to mentor Jordan Love,” Favre said.

Favre thinks the Packers have given Rodgers reason to think about playing elsewhere.

“I guarantee you [the Love pick] got the gears going in Aaron’s mind,” Favre said.

Favre is uniquely situated to assess the quarterback situation in Green Bay, and he sounds like he believes it will end with some strained relationships between Rodgers and the franchise.

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  1. There is always the team of me, myself, and I. I am sure he can do that job unless he is waiting for the defense to jump offside so he can get a free tug.

  2. Favre said he talked to Rodgers after the Love pick, but declined to go into specifics about their conversation.

    I bet Favre called him just to rub it in. I don’t blame him either.

  3. I’m a Viking fan and have seen Aaron beat us many times. IMO he’s the best QB I’ve seen play in my 22 years as a season ticket holder. After the draft completed I cant blame him for being pissed. A terrible packer draft. Brett is right.

  4. Before you get any ideas, the Vikings don’t want him. He’s worse than Cousins now and he ain’t getting any better.

  5. Rodgers has one Super Bowl ,right?….same as Nick Foles. Who did it without the attitude.

  6. A-A-Ron should’ve left GB before this contract.

    Writing was on the wall a long time ago.

  7. Elway is jumping for joy at the possibility of another HOF QB saving his hide.

  8. It would be a shame if Rodgers ended his career with another team, but that seems to be the theme from Montana, Manning, Favre, Rivers to Brady.

  9. Any team in the league that would not want to have Rodgers at QB? Maybe KC, Seattle (maybe), Ravens, any others?

  10. History often repeats itself, that’s why if you want to find out where you’re going, it helps to know where you’re from.

  11. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    April 29, 2020 at 3:12 pm
    Elway is jumping for joy at the possibility of another HOF QB saving his hide.

    Unlike Bill, Elway had a fantastic draft this year.

  12. Send him to Dallas for Dak. Money should work out and he can reunite with Coach! Oh, and have plenty of offensive weapons to use.

  13. After all they went through i like to see Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre being chummy at this stage.

  14. I hope he can stay with a relevant franchise like the Packers. It’s too bad Brett had to embarrass himself with irrelevant teams (Jets and Vikings). He deserved a better place to play.

  15. ““It’s not Aaron’s job to mentor Jordan Love,” Favre said.”

    This says so much about Favre. A real competitor wouldn’t be SCARED that a rookie might be better than them.

  16. Favre wants Rodgers to avoid assisting Love so he can stop feeling guilty about the way he ignored Rodgers.

  17. Usually winning fixes everything. 13 and 3 and making it to within one game if the SB didn’t seem to do much for this relationship.

  18. coltzfan166 says:
    April 29, 2020 at 3:36 pm
    He’ll finish his career with the 49ers
    That’s as idiotic as saying he’ll finish his career with the Chiefs or the Ravens.

  19. Colts and raiders lurking in the bushes. You know Bill B is too but I can’t see the packers dealing with them.

  20. So…you’re saying Aaron Rodgers will finish his career with another team

    Thanks, Captain Obvious!

  21. Just because of Brett’s comment, he’ll stay and end his career in Green Bay.

  22. Nothing magical about finishing your career with the team that drafted you, especially when the team ccan get a bunch of high picks for the guy. Two years and counting. The line forms on the left.

  23. bkinacti0n says:
    April 29, 2020 at 3:29 pm
    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    April 29, 2020 at 3:12 pm
    Elway is jumping for joy at the possibility of another HOF QB saving his hide.
    Unlike Bill, Elway had a fantastic draft this year.


    And we know this already because…

  24. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere before 2022, because the Packers couldn’t handle the hit to their salary cap. This discussion is very premature.

  25. Packer management is once again showing they don’t know how to respect a HOF QB at the end. This draft was not just a nudge out the door for him but a push. As a Packer fan I am disgusted.

  26. I think the packers objective is to win the division or make it to the playoff. Anything more is a bonus. They obviously don’t want to improve this team with this latest draft.

  27. And Drew Brees has been leaving New Orleans for the last 5-6 years. I think Rodgers is insanely overrated, borderline HOF at best, but he is way above average and nobody beats him out until he’s ready. Unless he’s a complete tool, which is also possible.

  28. Garapolo will flop this season in San Fran, while Rodgers will have a miserable year in Green Bay.

    Then he’ll be a 49er after this season.

  29. Green Bay can’t trade Rodgers for the next 2 years without taking a massive cap hit. The drama will have last for at least 2 years, and we’ll see after that.

  30. How can Green Bay be such big meanies? Dont they realize that Rodgers has won a SB putting him in an elite class with Nick Foles and Trent Dilfer?

  31. What is this? Why are QB’s being treated so differently? He is just another player, he is subject to having a backup and competition. He is above having to compete for a job? Give me a break.

  32. Now that LaFleur has “his” guy, Rodgers is very tradeable next year.

    JLove will only have about a $2M cap number in 2021, so a post June 1 trade next year is very feasible.

  33. Highly questionable that Jordan Love is going to be ready to take over the team anytime soon. Rodgers is a pain in the rear but it’s going to be tough for them to move on without having a semi-believable heir apparent in place. Favre possibly never gets forced out if Rodgers hadn’t been obviously ready.

  34. Many times ego’s get in the way of common sense.Rodgers gets paid tens of millions and so did Favre.Why not just do your job and train the new hire before you ride off into the sunset?

  35. Rodgers is under contract until 2023. The packers aren’t going to sit Jordan Love for 4 years. This isn’t some mid to late round draft pick. Love is their guy and a #1 pick. Love will get a chance to start in 2 years.

  36. Why wait until your QB falls off of a cliff before you try and get a replacement for him?
    They didn’t with INT King and they aren’t with Rodgers either, get the next guy in there and see if he’ll work out before you need him, one of the smarter teams in the league.

    Look how many years most teams swing and miss and how many times they do before landing their next franchise QB.

  37. Favre knows better than anyone……no one player is more important than the team. If you think about it objectively, the Packers are sitting pretty good right now. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere for at least two years, and he’ll be motivated to win and keep any talk of a replacement stuck on the sidelines. Who knows, if Rodgers wins big (again) he may be around even longer. In this day and age, it’s been shown over, and over, and over that someone of the status and pay rank of Rodgers is not likely to finish his career with his first team. That’s not unique to Green Bay. Just because Rodgers says he wants to play into his forties, doesn’t mean he can or will. When he’s truly done in Green Bay, they may already have their quarterback of the future. From a business point-of-view, it makes sense. Maybe it was a year or two too soon for a statement pick of this nature, but that’s called too bad. Strike while it’s hot. Rodgers will be fine, watch and see. Team first. Player second.

  38. People are bringing up the Rodgers-Favre scenario as if these are two of the same situations. They’re not. Rodgers was definitely a better prospect than Love, who does not look like an unmissable prospect on any level. The Packers had an obvious need-still have an obvious need-and the bet opportunity we’ve seen in many years to address that need. Not only did they refuse, they refused to add any players at any point to address that need. They purposely refused to get better in order to “send a message” to a player who now has little interest in playing for them. Rodgers is a pain, but in two years he’ll be playing for a new team for a chance to contend and the Packers will be answering questions about whether or not Jordan Love is an NFL caliber starter.

  39. I won’t defend the Love draft pick,… I thought he moved up to grab the LB Queen,… which was a need. And that 4th rd pick he gave up was the ammo he needed to move up in the 2nd rd to grab a WR like Mims.
    But every era comes to an end. If he sees the need to extend his career beyond the Packers he has that right. It’s the business side of football. Personally I think he gets traded for the final year of his deal,… IF Love looks like the real deal.

  40. Everything is so scrutinized these days. You draft 8 players and you have to justify why you picked #8. It’s like the world is full of football fortune tellers. Mangini criticized KC for waiting on moving up to draft Mahomes. What? That dude was on no team’s radar that early and that move came out of nowhere.

  41. The Packers have absolutely wasted Rodgers’s career with inept management. The fact that he only has 1 ring is honestly sad. I’m gonna agree with Favre here, the Packers are pushing Rodgers half way out of the door by taking a R1 QB and I don’t imagine he’s gonna retire at or near the end of his current contract. As soon as the Packers cut or trade him I imagine he’s gonna try and stick around for a bit to show them how they messed up.

  42. Players play and coaches coach. “Train the new guy”? Not AR’s job or problem.

  43. If Love is great, 20 years from now no one will think it was a bad pick.

    But he better be great, otherwise this will blow up in their face. At least if he’s a total bust they won’t replace Rodgers.

    Probavly the worst case scenario is if Love looks great in practice/preseason for a few seasons. Let’s say 3 or 4 years from now, the Packers trade Aaron with at 5 good years left in his career. Only to replace him with a Jamies Winston or Derek Carr level starter. Not to mention wasting Love’s rookie contract. By the time he starts, the team will likely need to decide to extend him or not without actually seeing him play.

    HOF or bust is a lot of pressure to put on one pick, but the Packers have managed to basically have put themselves in that spot

  44. Brett was asked some questions and Eisen is one of the worst at doing this that I have ever seen, but Brett really didn’t say much here that is anything other than his own opinion. It is important to note that Brett in no way is speaking for Aaron nor does he speak for the Packers franchise. I think when people do hear Aaron speak about his positive feelings about having Jordan Love on the team and also his positive feelings about the team moving forward, some will be surprised, but I won’t be at all.

    Aaron Rodgers is the Green Bay Packers starting QB and will be going forward. Nothing has changed other than Jordan Love making the QB room stronger and the best in QB room in the NFL IMHO. We will all have the pleasure of watching this extremely talented QB develop over the next couple of years. We will then see where we are at.

    In 2008 Mike McCarthy said to Ted Thompson: “We have a elite QB here, he is now ready, and it’s time for him to play.” That was 3 years after Aaron was drafted by Ted in 2005. Will that time come sooner or later for Jordan Love? Yes. Will it be 2 years, 3 yrs, or longer? Time will tell. Stay tuned.👍


  45. If I’m ARod I’m having my agent call BB and see if they can’t workout a trade. Patriots don’t have any weapons I get that but that doesn’t mean Aaron can’t beat the AFCEast twice and win the division.

    Patriots vs Bucs Superbowl if that happens would be intriguing.

    I’m a Seahawks fan not a fan of either team. Member of Aaron’s fan club though

  46. The Packers believe what most of us believe…..Aaron Rodgers is quickly declining. Now, perhaps everybody is wrong (everybody, and the numbers). Only Rodgers play can keep Jordan Love from taking over the position. It’s that simple.

  47. nite2al says:
    April 30, 2020 at 2:15 am
    Everything is so scrutinized these days. You draft 8 players and you have to justify why you picked #8.
    First of all, there are 7 rounds in the draft. Second of all, are you seriously suggesting that the Packers move to trade up for a QB in round 1 (not the 8th player taken by them) should not be questioned or scrutinized?

  48. The only reasons the Packers would get rid of Rodgers in favor of Love in three years is if Rodgers declares his retirement and then unretires and demands to remain the starter ala Favre,if Rodgers play suddenly diminishes to the point of hurting the Packers,or Loves talent proves him to be the better present why would Rodgers feel he has no security blanket around him even though he surprisingly missed so many easy throws last season to wide open recievers.every team should have the luxury of drafting their future QB in the first round and train him to be possibly the best QB in the league in three years down the road.their record developing star QBs speaks for itself.

  49. When Rodgers first came to the Packers he called Favre “Grandpa” and made sure the Bret knew his Wunderlich score was much higher than Favre’s. I’m sure Jordan Love will be more respectful, but something about Green Bay seems to make people turn in to jerks. Learn to strive for World Class, not World Trash.

  50. Its all assumptions right now, but it did send a clear message to Rodgers IMHO. The organization is tired of his passive aggressive attitude. he has carried this team for how many years? If I were Packers fan I’d be gripping right now. Eventually the Packers are going to want to see return on a QB they probably could have got in the 2nd round. They can do all the public niceties but behind the scenes it could be a disaster. Aaron is going to want out and I think its his farewell tour in Green Bay.

    People say it will motivate him to get better, you believe that? If you need a draft choice to motivate your franchise QB his heart isn’t into it man. Favre is right, Rodgers isn’t obligated to mentor Love. So expect to see footage of Love and Rodgers working out together to quell any rumors there is a schism in the locker room. My bet if I were in Vegas, $200.00 says Rodgers is in New England or somewhere else. Green Bay has probably had the most consistent QB play since the 90s, can they get lucky three times in a row? I don’t think so.

    The organization didn’t draft any WRs to help him nor TEs which Rodgers could really use. If I were Rodgers I can see the writing on the wall, the organization didn’t draft any help for him. Which is a good indication that the Packers are moving on. Get ready Packer rubes L-WAR (Life without Aaron Rodgers) Apocalypse is coming and their is nothing you can do to stop it.

  51. This is such a non-story, it’s ridiculous. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere and that’s all there is to it.
    As for Favre, he always has an opinion on everything and most of the time he’s wrong.

  52. What a problem! A SuperBowl-winning MVP with four years remaining on his contract and still playing at a Top-10 level, and a potential replacement watching and learning the whole time. Whats the problem, Rodgers’ feelings? This is a business. I’d prefer they had at least given him a heads-up, but they didn’t. In the real world that’s called too bad.

  53. I’m not surprised that Favre would make the statement “It’s not Aaron’s job to mentor Jordan Love”. Favre did the same thing to Rodgers. Nobody said it was Aaron’s job but the fact that this is one of Favr’e first thoughts speaks [selfish]volumes.

  54. First of all, there are 7 rounds in the draft. Second of all, are you seriously suggesting that the Packers move to trade up for a QB in round 1 (not the 8th player taken by them) should not be questioned or scrutinized?
    I know how many rounds there are. You can also have more than 7 picks, right?
    Yeah, just like Mahomes was scrutinized in Andy Reids move. If he is your guy, go get him. Since when is drafting players an exact science?

  55. Top Ten??
    Since 1973, passer rating has been the official formula used by the NFL (they run the show you know) to determine its passing leader.
    11th in your sacred yards stat and 12th I’m rating. But sure too 10 lol.

  56. Farve’s attitude is precisely why I disliked the man and wanted him gone after the Rodgers pick in ‘05. He made the same public comment then that he wouldn’t help Rodgers and 3/4 of the fan base turned on him. He knew he blew it. Now he wants company and is encouraging Rodgers to take it personally and pout. But Aaron’s too smart for that. He’s the QB for the next 3-4 years at least and Favre is full of hot air.

    Nice try Brent.

  57. ‘Top 100 Players of 2019’: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers | No. 8
    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been ranked the No. 8 player on “The Top 100 Players of 2019.”

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