Chase Young swaps No. 2 for No. 99 at next level

Getty Images

College football rules allow defensive linemen to wear No. 2. NFL rules don’t.

As a result, Washington pass rusher Chase Young will be ditching No. 2 at the next level. Via NBC Sports Washington, Young will wear No. 99.

A memorable number that only a handful of Hall of Famers have worn, Young will embark on a career that eventually could land him in the same place as Dan Hampton, Warren Sapp, Jason Taylor, and (eventually) J.J. Watt and Aaron Donald. (Hall of Famers Cortez Kennedy also wore No. 99 for one season, in honor of the late Jerome Brown.)

Young’s jersey already was destined to be a top seller. The choice of number could make it even more marketable.

Caleb Brantley previously wore No. 99 in Washington. It’s unclear whether Young purchased the number, or whether Washington simply exercised its prerogative to re-assign the number to the second overall pick in the 2020 draft.