Report: Clay Matthews files grievance against Rams over unpaid money

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Clay Matthews wants his money.

Venting his frustration on social media didn’t work, so the edge rusher is filing a grievance over $2 million in unpaid guarantees from the Rams, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports.

Matthews has submitted the paperwork to the NFLPA, who will handle the filing.

Running back Todd Gurley also has not received his money, a source tells PFT.

Both were released by the Rams despite guaranteed roster bonuses. Matthews’ bonus came with offsets, but he remains a free agent.

Gurley and Matthews both called out the Rams on social media. General Manager Les Snead responded in an interview with NFL Network two weeks ago, saying both would see their money.

“They’re definitely owed money,” Snead said in the interview. “That money is guaranteed. We’re going to pay them. There’s some language in the contract of exactly when you pay them, and that’s what we’re adhering by. What I do know is both Clay and Todd earned that money, and they’re going to get that money.”

22 responses to “Report: Clay Matthews files grievance against Rams over unpaid money

  1. They can adhere to the terms, but, if you’re trying to lure future high-profile Free Agents to the Rams…it’s bad optics.

  2. Don’t these player hire agents to handle these situations. Gosh, they really make themselves look bad whining about money in public.

  3. People in the comments putting down the players act like they wouldn’t do the same thing. Everyone would be upset if a former employer owed them money and it wasn’t paid.

  4. The offset language and other timelines that might be holding up the payments can’t be better than the poor optics and lousy reputation being developed. Perhaps an immediate payment of a substantial amount of the total need occur. Final adjustments and clarity can come later, but just ignoring this only make the PR worse.

  5. Not sure what Snead means by “language in the contract”. I would think it would be very straightforward and clear. This is not a good look to send to future free agents.
    As I said previously it appears to be a liquidity problem on the part of the Rams.

  6. The Rams have always been the deadbeats of the NFL, going back to when Georgia Frontierre owned the team and they refused to pay Eric Dickerson. Dickerson has said he was told by many in the organization that the team was literally broke and had trouble meeting day-to-day expenses.

  7. I don’t know why they would do something like that. It’s not like they left a loyal fan base in Missouri in exchange for more profitability or anything.

  8. I think the odds are higher that Matthews and Gurley are ignorant of the terms of their contracts than Snead and the Rams are outright lying.

    Matthews is probably trying to pressure the payout to be sooner than it should.

  9. If there is a date in the future when the money is due, per their respective contracts, then Mathews and Gurley should shut their mouths.

    If that date is past, then Mathews is 100% right to file the greivance.

    We’re lacking a key piece of information to form an opinion.

  10. Ah LA. 20 years without a team then POOF! Two fumbling organizations arrive at the same time. SMH…🤡🤡🤡

  11. Technically because Matthews is a post June 1st cut,… The Rams have up to June 1st to pay him his guaranteed money. It’s not the normal a team waits until June 1st to do so.
    Gurley is a different story seeing he signed right away. He might have an offset in his contract.

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