Antonio Gibson hoping he can earn Christian McCaffrey comp

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In his last job, Ron Rivera had a versatile running back, fluent as both a rusher and a receiver.

And since that guy just signed a contract worth $16 million a year, Rivera’s newest running back isn’t going to shy away from the comparison.

Of course, Washington third-round pick Antonio Gibson has a long way to go before he can be compared in any meaningful way to Christian McCaffrey, but he’s hoping there are parallels.

I would definitely like to compare myself to [McCaffrey] because he’s exactly like what I want to do,” Gibson said, via John Keim of “I want to be in the backfield, but also I want to play in the receiving game. I feel like he’s tremendous doing that, and that’s what I want to bring to the team. My ability to catch effectively and make plays happen and also be able to run — just an all-around team player and an all-around back.”

Of course, McCaffrey was a pedigreed and polished product coming out of Stanford, while Gibson’s still very much of a project coming out of Memphis. During his senior year, he caught 38 passes for 735 yards and eight touchdowns, and ran 33 times for 369 yards and four scores. Washington’s going to give him a chance at running back, and cross their fingers and hope he plays the way McCaffrey did for Rivera in Carolina.

“No, that’s fair. He’s a little bit bigger than Christian, but he’s got a skill set like Christian,” Rivera said. “This is a very versatile, young football player that we really think is going to be a guy that can get on the field for us early and contribute.”

Gibson found a different comparison (and if nothing else a more realistic one) in Cordarrelle Patterson, who has excelled as a special teams player and occasional runner. Either way, he’s a player Washington has high hopes for, even if comparing him to the highest-paid back in the league might be a bit of a stretch.

7 responses to “Antonio Gibson hoping he can earn Christian McCaffrey comp

  1. Antonio Gibson is a fun player to watch…I feel bad for him that he went to one of the worst run franchises in all of professional sports…nobody is really going to get to see him play except the poor Redskins fans…

  2. He was asked a question so he answered. Which rookie RB would NOT want to be like McCaffrey? Gibson is not even in the same paragraph as C.M., but good luck. Keep balling, kiddo.

  3. Redskins have a crowded backfield but Guice has been injured a lot and AP is long in the tooth so we’ll see. good luck kid, this league is starting to treat RB’s like they aren’t valuable at all

  4. He himself compared his game to Cordarrelle Patterson. It’s not often you find a young guy who has some self awareness.

  5. Redskins are thin at WR, but deep at RB. I could see him getting a lot more reps working out of the slot until the tread wears down on AP and/or Guice blows a knee out again.

  6. Numbskins still have to dump Guicey Fruit and Adrianna Pederson (a man who can only show up for two games before being worthless in the other 14). This would be an easy set of cuts to make. Guicey Fruit hasn’t actually played in a more than two games before showcasing his fragile, fruity ways. Easy choice to dump both.

  7. So tired of new guys running their traps. Let the on-field effort do your talking. Now I loathe this guy like the Numbskins’ first pick – run trap pass rusher.

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