Frank Reich: Marlon Mack had the perfect response to Colts drafting a RB

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When the Colts traded up in the second round of the draft to select running back Jonathan Taylor, it was a bad sign for Marlon Mack: With only one year remaining on his contract, Mack was hoping for a lucrative extension with the Colts, but the arrival of Taylor means that’s probably not happening.

Mack, however, was undeterred. According to Colts coach Frank Reich, he texted Mack after picking Talor, and Mack was on board.

“Just to show you what great teammates we have, I texted Marlon after we picked Taylor,” Reich said in a video released by the Colts. “I said to him, ‘You know how we roll, we spread the wealth at running back. Keep you both fresh and dominate. Every great football team needs a great 1-2 punch in the running game.’ His response was perfect. He said, ‘Yes sir, let’s go, let’s go get it.’ Isn’t that awesome?”

Reich said Mack responded exactly the way he would have hoped.

“With his positive response that he’s ready to go and help the team win, that shows you his class and how much of a teammate he is, and how much confidence he has in his own ability,” Reich said.

Taylor’s presence makes it more likely that Mack will be playing elsewhere in 2021, but in 2020, Mack is ready to share the backfield with Taylor.

3 responses to “Frank Reich: Marlon Mack had the perfect response to Colts drafting a RB

  1. Winners win and produce regardless of circumstance. If Mack is any good, he’ll relish the open competition and make EVERY snap he gets a highlight reel of his skills.

    I’ve learned as a manager that those who whine about those who are added to the pool of employees at a position are ones that you’d least likely want to do anything more. The ones who bust their butt and make their actions speak for the person are the people you want to retain. Noise is distracting. Performance is enticing.

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