Report: NFL exploring Saturday games if college football delays season

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The NFL has always steered clear of playing games on Saturdays during the college football season, but this year there might not be a college football season. And the NFL might fill the void.

NFL officials have discussed moving some games to Saturdays if college football postpones or cancels its season, the New York Post reports. Those discussions have reportedly included the league’s broadcast partners.

The idea is that most games would still be played on Sundays, but a few games could move to Saturday. The Monday and Thursday night schedule would not be affected. This would happen only if there is no college football at all on Saturdays.

The NCAA has made no decisions about whether the college football season will start on time, but there’s some sentiment that college football can only begin if it’s safe to open college campuses to tens of thousands of students. The NFL may be able to start before college football, especially if games are played in empty stadiums.

Any decision to move some games from Sunday to Saturday would likely not take place for a few months, when it’s clearer whether the NFL and college seasons can start on time.

8 responses to “Report: NFL exploring Saturday games if college football delays season

  1. College season much more likely to be canceled than the pro season. Why? Numbers. Thirty-two teams at 16 sites, versus hundreds of teams (across all divisions) at hundreds of sites.

  2. It wouldn’t be difficult to match 2 teams both heading into a bye to play Tues or Weds night. And if the NFL added a 2nd bye week the midseason permutations become quite numerous.

  3. If a school doesn’t have on-campus classes going on in the fall, you can’t have athletes come to campus.

    I have a feeling the CFB season is going to be impacted much more than the NFL.

    I think both will have some sort of a season, but I think the chances of the NFL’s being more “normal” are better. Still can’t see packing tens of thousands of people in any stadium, though.

  4. Well, they’d be get their D.C. lobbyist to work because they can’t without a change in their anti-trust exemption.

  5. They should have Saturdays regardless of College Football. They only reason the NFL doesn’t is to not disturb their minor league agreement with the NCAA. I’m surprised advertisers haven’t revolted over this arrangement. Think about if the NCAA and NFL had to compete for the same advertising times…for the same attending crowds. The competition could drive down ticket prices and advertising prices. I get why the NCAA and NFL have their arrangement; but it’s anti-competitive which isn’t how the free market system is supposed to work.

  6. I think the NCAA has 804 million reasons to let its student athletes play even if school is closed.

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