Troy Vincent: NFL won’t take coronavirus tests that could be used by the general public

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The NFL plans to proceed with the 2020 season. But the NFL also intends not to hog coronavirus tests that could be used by the general public. Given the ongoing issues with the availability of widespread testing, something will have to give.

NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent told Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press that the league won’t use tests that could be utilized by the American citizenry.

General public safety is first and foremost,” Vincent said.

It’s unclear whether sufficient testing will be available. For now, the NFL apparently will be operating under the assumption that enough testing will be in place to satisfy the needs of the public and of the league — or that, at a minimum, the NFL will buy its own separate set of tests from a source that otherwise wouldn’t be providing them to the American government.

“The schedule will come out as normal, but we’re doing reasonable and responsible planning as we always do, inside of game operations,” Vincent said, confirming that the regular-season schedule is still on track to be released by May 9, despite a report that the issue currently is being debated. “Based off of what we are learning from the medical community and how people are handling this domestically and abroad, we are being deliberate with reasonable and responsible planning about what can work in our environment and what we can incorporate to protect the health and safety of all involved.”

Vincent acknowledged that the league’s planning includes the possibility of empty stadiums, neutral sites, the elimination of bye weeks, and a delayed start to the season.

27 responses to “Troy Vincent: NFL won’t take coronavirus tests that could be used by the general public

  1. this man is a liar like goodell. He was in on the framejob working closely with former Jets employee, Mike Kensil.

  2. Given the current lack of testing, I cannot imagine any way they could have tests that could not have been used by the public. Even if they are buying their own, those are tests that could have been routed to states and used by the public. Until there is an overabundance of tests, they cannot really say what they are claiming.

  3. I’ve read that there’s excess testing equipment in some locales. The issue is often more with lack of qualified staff to administer the tests and lack of facilities to process the samples. If true, the NFL could identify its own staff for testing and its own facilities to process them, neither of which would cause competition with the general public.

  4. Is it ironic that at point in when there is so much dysfunction in Washington, the Redskins are the the most effective team in the NFL. If I weren’t a Redskins fan I would want Ron Rivera to run for President if only to end the coronavirus pandemic.

  5. Not going to be a 2020 football season, time to accept reality and stop playing lets pretend.

  6. I wonder if the NFL realizes how much it might cost to do all that testing. Knowing how greedy the owners are I suspect they’ll backtrack on this and figure out some way to do it and have someone else pay for it…like somehow make the taxpayers foot the bill as always.

  7. How about if the NFL donates enough money to help create a lab/factory that can make their own tests local.then help supply tests to the rest of América. Creating a win win outcome.

  8. There should be ample tests for everyone wanting a test, especially antibody tests showing whether or not people have been exposed already. Many people have been shown to already have been exposed – USC recently did a study of people in California who have been following quarantine orders and yet they have Covid-19 antibodies in their blood. This virus has been around longer than we have been led to believe.

    NEVER in the history of our species has there been a quarantine of healthy people, only the sick. Quarantine was initially started to “flatten the curve” to help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. The interesting thing is quite a few hospitals are running with only a skeleton crew, so they could be easily overwhelmed with even a minimal # of cases. Our local hospital has very few people working currently.

    The best thing for us all is to let this virus run its course, and the healthy go back to work. If you are sick or immunocompromised, stay home. A SAFE vaccine won’t be available soon (if at all), so here immunity may be the best way for the population to develop immunity to this virus.

  9. They will need a lot of tests because the players would need to be tested often.

  10. There is no such thing as a test that could not be used by the public. No matter where they get them from, there will be other people who need them more than NFL players do.

  11. They sure won’t, the ones they use will be the best money has to offer, and offer an immediate result.

  12. The testing is a joke anyways.
    1. A person can test negative and then contract the virus the next day.
    2. If one tests positive, 90% are asymptomatic, or recover. (See Sean Payton, Von Miller and many other examples).

    So, let’s open things up, use common sense. If you’re sick? Stay home! Those who want to quarantine themselves, then let them. We can’t shut down for every sniffle of the nose. Let’s get to work.

  13. I bet there is nobody that knows anybody right now that needs a test and can’t get one. In other words there is no shortage of tests for those that need it.

  14. Playing any pro sport right now would require so many people (players and beyond) to be tested several times weekly.

    I don’t see that happening unless there’s huge change between now and then.

  15. There will be a 2020 season… But it will be players playing co-op on Madden 2021 a la NASCAR.

  16. In a bizarre twist, self-quarantining Madden players will take the actual field, and NFL players will use THEM in fantasy.

  17. Just imagine if we had an actual adult in the White House, who could have taken all of this seriously when he first knew about it over three months ago, and through a dozen or so intelligence briefings since then, and acted in the best interest of the country.
    Just think of how much of this could have been avoided.
    Other countries were able to do it, so why didn’t we?

  18. txtuff says:
    “..I bet there is nobody that knows anybody right now that needs a test and can’t get one. In other words there is no shortage of tests for those that need it…”

    I’ve been refused three times by my PCP due to, and I quote, “ridiculous government regulations”. The only people able to get tested in my neck of the woods is those who work in health care and are showing symptoms.

  19. kemp13 says:
    May 1, 2020 at 7:32 am
    Is he stupid, or does he just think everybody else is?
    Well, he didn’t understand cold weather causes footballs to lose pressure, so YES, he is stupid!

  20. cdc just admitted they’ve combined seasonal flu deaths to covid19. only a little over 11,000 people have died solely from covid-19. so why are we shutting down the country?

  21. By summer, this will have died out. Viruses don’t do well in hot weather. The tests will be available then. You are also talking about some of the healthiest individuals on the planet. If they get it, it will be just another flu to them. And what team hasn’t lost a player during the season due to the flu? And I don’t recall them shutting down the season.

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