Adam Gase talks Jets’ draft class

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The Jets had plenty of needs entering the draft, and they did a good job of addressing many of them.

Coach Adam Gase recently joined #PFTPM to discuss the team’s selections, along with the unprecedented process that resulted in coaches and General Managers working from home during the weeks preceding the draft — and that spawned new techniques for screening potential draft picks, techniques that likely will be used even after the world returns to normal.

The conversation touched on topics like the decision to use the eleventh overall pick in the draft on tackle Mekhi Becton, waiting to pick a receiver until round two, the selection of FIU quarterback James Morgan in round four, the decision to pick a punter, and much more.

The video is attached; it was the fifth coach or G.M. interview of the week. More are coming next week.

13 responses to “Adam Gase talks Jets’ draft class

  1. Does he do the crazy eyes thing in the video? Because if so I can’t watch it.

  2. JOE Douglas had a great draft…this marriage might just actually work with him running the show and Adam coaching. He got him alot of good players.

  3. Gase and Darnold can’t beat playoff teams, huge red flag. Even Mark Sanchez managed to make it to the AFCC game.

  4. Even as a Bills fan, I’m pretty stoked that the Jets and Dolphins are on the upswing. It may not be this year or even next year but I cannot wait for the day when the Patriots are the 4th best team in the AFC East.

    Darnold looks like the real deal and gave us serious trouble with little to no help around him. I cannot wait to see a strong rivalry in the AFC East that doesn’t include Brady.

  5. Had faith in Douglas…..but adding players doesn’t change concerns about Gase’s very strange play calls and failure to be the Head Coach, not a OC. He’s gotta get his head outta the playcard, stop sitting by himself on the bench staring at a laptop while the games are in play, that’s a coaches position, not a HC. He’s not in charge of the field or the game unless he’s calling a play, he’s in over his head.

  6. Isn’t that an involuntary biological response? Then we don’t have to harp on it right? Besides people are probably decent enough to give him a do over on a tape so you won’t have to see it

  7. This coach has the personality of a light pole. I’m not saying you have to be buds with the players but you do need to talk…

  8. Head coaching record
    Regular season: 30–34 (.469)
    Postseason: 0–1 (.000)
    Career: 30–35 (.462)

  9. Adam Gase = Fired and Start All Over Again. Sorry, it will happen and the longer the Jets wait on this the worse off they will be. Keep going 6-8 wins with the talent they have and these guys are wasted. Eventually, the roster gets purged with whomever is still there and the guys that don’t agree with him currently will be shipped off anyway. Book it!

  10. The sooner we get rid of gays the better not thrilled with the draft think we wasted a few spots and didn’t get the talent could have we chosen better

  11. Doesn’t matter who Gase gets he can coach them DOWN!

    How do these loser HCs keep finding jobs?

  12. It’s pretty obvious by the way he held Tannehill back and he’s done nothing for Darnold!
    He needs to be coaching JV because he’s not cut out to be in the NFL.

    Some might say that he coached Payton in his record setting season, but as Howie Long put it “you don’t coach Payton you just walk by the offensive meeting room once in a while, stick your head in and ask Payton how it’s going and when Payton says “GOOD” you give him the thumbs up and continue on your way”!

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