Doug Marrone: There are some veteran QBs we might look at to bring in

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The Jaguars picked quarterback Jake Luton in the sixth round last Saturday and they also have Josh Dobbs on their depth chart behind Gardner Minshew, but there may be other moves coming at the position.

While Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone made it clear that the team is moving forward with Minshew as their starting quarterback during an appearance on NFL Network Friday, he also said the team will consider signing a free agent to complement what they already have on hand.

“He’s our QB there’s no doubt about it, but one of the things we’re doing, we’re still looking to make sure we’re upgraded at each position. There are some vets out there we might look at to bring in,” Marrone said.

Andy Dalton became a free agent on Thursday and he was quickly linked to the Jaguars because of his relationship with offensive coordinator Jay Gruden when both men were in Cincinnati. Cam Newton is the other big name veteran on the open market, but the dots aren’t connected quite as easily between him and the Jags.

15 responses to “Doug Marrone: There are some veteran QBs we might look at to bring in

  1. I hope Minshew does well, but last season he cooled off and may prove to be a flash in the pan. They’d be wise to get someone who can manage a game and make occasional plays (see Andy Dalton).

  2. Belichick will pick up Minshew. Doug Marrone is the problem in Jacksonville (among many). Maybe they can move the franchise to Europe and join a league over there.

  3. Marrone is the problem in Jacksonville just like he was in Buffalo. His players dont want to play for him in JV just like he lost the locker room in Buffalo.

  4. The real question is “why is Marrone still there”? He should have been gone the year after the Jags made the Playoff and then took that HUGE step backwards!

    He must have something big on Khan!

  5. I hope Minshew turns out great for Jacksonville, he has definitely delivered as a rookie. Not sure how you bring in Dalton unless you know really think Minshew isn’t in fact, the guy. If i’m Jay Gruden, I talk Dalton all day – I would put money on him taking over the team within 4 games, and running with it if he’s brought in.

  6. I give Andy Dalton some credit. The OL play was never the best at Cincinnati his entire time with the Bengals. I rate the OL as slightly below average to very poor. I’m not sure the Jags OL is much better. His relationship with Jay Gruden is a huge plus.

    I think Dalton will look around. I’m sure he will look for a situation where he can a battle for the starting QB. It doesn’t necessarily matter if a coach thinks a QB from last year is the favorite to win the position this year. Yes, that includes the Jags and Patriots. The next would be to sign a 1 year as a backup to a contending team, such as Dallas who will have a great offense including the OL, hoping to contribute in any way he can to be notice and move on to be a starting QB job the following year. Dalton needs to make the right decision for him. He may not get another.

    As for Marrone, if he doesn’t get the Jags off to a good start and tension with the players continues, he won’t last past mid season. Jay Gruden will take over.

  7. It will be sad if Trevor Lawrence ends up with this team. For the most promising prospect in ages to get stuck with such a going-nowhere team would be sad for the sport.

    Apologies to Jags fans, but I can’t think of a less promising destination right now, in terms of achieving any kind of success for the foreseeable future.

  8. Marrone skewered Fournette for asking for this and then the Khans put him on the trading block. Jacksonville is so toxic they had a great foundation of players in 2017 and they’ve completely destroyed it.

  9. Hey Doug, looks like there are some veteran coaches we will be looking at also, said every Jags fan.

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