Drew Lock on Broncos’ draft: We got some stallions

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Quarterback Drew Lock expected the Broncos to get him a receiver in the first round of last weekend’s draft. So he wasn’t surprised when Jerry Jeudy was the choice at No. 15.

Then, the next night, the Broncos took Penn State receiver KJ Hamler in the second round.

“I kind of expected the receiver in the first round, but then when I’m watching that second round the next day, and it popped up that we drafted another one, I was like, ‘All right, we’re rolling now,'” Lock told NFL Network on Friday, via Aric DiLalla of the team website. “We’ve got some stallions. We’re going to be pushing the ball down field a little bit. . . .And then when you get a teammate you played with in college [Missouri tight end Albert Okwuegbunam], that’s another plus.

“I’d say that Drew Lock probably won the NFL draft this year.”

Okwuegbunam, a fourth-round choice, gives Lock another weapon.

“I was watching some tight ends go off the board,” Lock said. “I’m a little biased. I think Albert O’s very good. So I was like, ‘How has no one picked my guy yet?’ I texted him that night.”

8 responses to “Drew Lock on Broncos’ draft: We got some stallions

  1. Too bad Lock won’t be able to grow with those “Stallions” as the Donkeys will be in search of another QB within 1-2 seasons.

  2. Tich tich, poor Noah Fant, remember him,? 1st pick last season? Way to be a leader lock, what a moron! This team will be fighting for last place in the division again for like the 6th year in a row. They are a mess from the top with that family. They might learn something from the raiders and trade away a star DE for 2 first rd pics. Get a real RB and control the clock. Naaaaa

  3. Now Free Lock has no excuses, either he sinks or he swims.

  4. They did next to nothing to fix their horrendous offensive line. The guard from Detroit isn’t very good either-there’s a reason Detroit let him walk. The guard they took in the 4th has huge injury problems. The center should be ok from LSU. That’s their only upgrade. But tackle…oh my are they going to regret what they’ve done at tackle.

    Lock looks too much like a frat boy. I doubt he is the type that will demand accountability from his teammates. Now that there is some tape on him, we will see if he can put a full season together. Last year, his starts were all zero pressure and against pretty bad teams.

  5. I love the Bronco hating pundits who come on here and spew uneducated jargon, even though they don’t know their collective arse from their elbows.. The Broncos O line will be just fine, they have one of the top coaches in the league and actually, during the last 6 weeks of the season LT Bolles was rated #9 in the league according to PFF.. The main question is can last years mega investment at RT Ju’Wan James stay healthy?

  6. They might learn something from the raiders and trade away a star DE for 2 first rd pics. Get a real RB and control the clock. Naaaaa
    Havent the Raiders owned the basement of the AFC West for 20 years?

  7. Got the horses, now do they have a QB who can ride? Elway’s record on Picking QBs hasn’t been stellar.

  8. I for one am very excited about the draft picks. WR and center are solid. As for picking up Locks TE from college GREAT and I’m sure Fant is excited as well. I don’t have an issue with Lock’s style and from the end of last season the TEAM rallied around him.
    Let’s hope the 2020 season plays
    AS a side note don’t be surprised with Garrett’s play this year being so much better. Elway didn’t want to pay 11 plus million unless he can prove himself.

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