Former first-rounder Taco Charlton clears waivers

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The Dolphins claimed defensive end Taco Charlton off waivers Sept. 19. He didn’t even make it a year in Miami.

The Dolphins waived him Thursday, and he went unclaimed Friday.

That settles the question of whether Charlton would have his fifth-year option exercised. His rookie contract, which would have paid him $1.832 million this season, now is null and void.

It really wasn’t much of a question, though.

It was all but a forgone conclusion that Charlton would not have his fifth-year option picked up.

He made five sacks for the Dolphins last season but was a healthy scratch three of the final four games of the season. Charlton’s attitude was an issue, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports.

The Cowboys also expressed disappointment in Charlton’s attitude during his two seasons in Dallas when he played 27 games, made four sacks and got in then-defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli’s doghouse.

Charlton played for new Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham in Miami and Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was Charlton’s head coach in Dallas. That may or may not be a good thing for Charlton’s prospects of finding a new home there.

11 responses to “Former first-rounder Taco Charlton clears waivers

  1. Perfect candidate for the Bill Belichick attitude adjustment school of just play football, and do your job. Hello New England for cheap money he’s perfect

  2. Him and Trysten Hill were Merinellis picks. HOPEFULLY Hill will have a good 2nd year under the new regime. That was two times that we did not pick the best player available and THIS is what Will McClain was talking about is the difference with Mike McCarthy here. Mike said just pick the absolute BEST player available REGARDLESS of scheme and we Will find a place for him! BUH BYE Garrett HELLO FATTIES on the DLINE! Bout Time!

  3. I don’t think the NJ Giants should sign him over Golden or Matthews but in a non covid year, they should work him out. As they can’t they should get Golden signed quickly and then look to add Taco.

  4. For that small $ amount, his passing thru waivers means he may not get a job until later when folks are more desperate due to injury to other players.

  5. Chosen while TJ Watt was readily available.

    Because you know, Watt doesn’t fit the Marinelli prototype of pass rusher. lol.

  6. KoolAidFree says:

    Perfect candidate for the Bill Belichick attitude adjustment school of just play football, and do your job. Hello New England for cheap money he’s perfect

    It’s getting creepy how when any player gets cut someone suggests Belichick might get them. Every article.

  7. Anyone who’s first name is “Taco” is immediately suspect — because we know it’s “Taco Tuesday” and not “Taco Sunday.”

  8. Taco Carlton, Taco Bell, whatever. He’s a cowboy nuff said… 🤠

  9. He was not worthy of a 1st round pick. Before that draft, several people had questioned his skills and attitude. Apparently, that attitude has not gotten better.

  10. Good talent, bad attitude, old story. As had been stated in comment in this story, every loose cannon in the league is almost automaticly mentioned going the Pats.Some are flat crazy, like Cam a Pat, others maybe if the price is right, their need and the can convince BB that they will change their ways. Sometimes it works (Moss,Blount, Dillon) sometimes it doesn’t
    (Antonio Brown, Lane Johnson, JoshG). With Taco it’ll come down to convincing BB, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

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