NFL Network, NFL Films impacted by furloughs

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In addition to implementing pay cuts, the NFL also has begun to furlough employees. The process began on Friday.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that NFL Network and NFL Films employees were included in the league’s furlough program, and that furloughed employees learned of the decision Friday.

Via Marchand, the NFL declined to identify the number of individuals affected by the furloughs.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s believed that the furloughs at NFL Network and NFL Films impacted office personnel and support staff. Contractual employees presumably are insulated from mandatory pay cuts and furloughs, unless their contracts allow it. Most on-air talent have contracts, and it’s unknown whether any of them have been asked to take voluntary pay cuts.

The league is tightening its belt at a time when it’s unclear whether the belt even needs to be tightened. With free agency and the draft proceeding as planned — and with the draft generating record ratings at dramatically lower costs — it’s difficult to pinpoint specific financial losses absorbed to date by the league.

That said, losses likely will be coming, if games proceed without fans present. If anything, the current effort to cut costs represents an acknowledgement that revenue will indeed be down eventually, even if it currently isn’t.

21 responses to “NFL Network, NFL Films impacted by furloughs

  1. Yeah, cut off the little guys. Billionaires gotta eat.

  2. Rog has to avoid having the wall unit in the basement repo-ed by Rent-to-Own.

  3. Inexcusable. It’s backed by a $15b a year industry. The NFL should be shamed by the public for this.

  4. There won’t be a season as we know it. Everyone in all forms of work will feel the pain. Bank on it and plan accordingly.

  5. Gotta be honest here, people who work for NFLN or who edit videos have absolutely dream kush jobs. Aside from ex-players or Bob Costas, most football discourse is just polite, polished conversations everyone has with their friends at home or at a bar. Unless its breaking news, or an injury the 26 hours of coverage in a day during week really doesnt amount to anything usually. Not that its BAD, but some of the salaried network ‘analysts’ make more than some people with Law Degrees. Not really going to cry or hear about overt-hardship for positions like this. Just like all the ‘Influencers’ on social media.

  6. This just boggles my mind. These companies (like NFL and NFL Films) promote record profits, yet when it comes down to sustaining themselves for two months with limited programming they stop paying everyone they legally can and pretend they’re in the poor house.

    Either its rampant mismanagement, literally not allocating hundreds of millions of dollars where it should be, or its pure greed. I think it’s VERY obvious which case this is.

    Exactly the reason the players should’ve held out for more in the current CBA. Billionaires acting like spending money is a burden (in their $500 mil house).

  7. There are no games right now, how are they losing money compared to a normal year?

  8. We don’t need all the talking heads. Just show classic games until actual training camps start

  9. I just love it when swinging D…., who most likely can’t even live within their own means, rant on what a real business needs to do to stay profitable.

  10. Well the one positive for the NFl is that a league with no fans means they will find a way to increase advertising packages. That’s a dream for an advertiser. Every football fan will have to watch on tv . Largest ratings ever and will probably make up for the loss in ticket revenue .

  11. Here’s a novel solution, re-open this country and get on with it. Enough is enough.

  12. Why do they need to do this during the offseason after the draft when no one is going to watch that network anyway for a few months?

  13. This is so stupid. You mean to tell me there’s NOTHING that can be produced from existing footage? How aboot making new “games” based on previous footage. I’d tune in to that just to see what craziness they came up with. Gamblers would, too.

  14. With severe financial clouds on the horizon the NFL has every right to circle the wagons in preparedness for the uncertainty ahead.

  15. most of the on air talents have been doing things on stream & of course this happens after the draft

  16. I cut the tier that included the NFL Network a year ago and saved $80/mo, $960/yr and only lost one other channel I watched, the Smithsonian channel but I got it back a month later for free!

    And the lady I talked to told me that the NFL Network accounted for 90% of the cost of that tier, in other words $72 = that’s insane! I think once people really find out what they’re paying for the NFL Network a lot of them will do just as I did and say “NO THANKS”.

    Funny thing is as much as I used to love football the last few years with all these “ME, ME, ME”, “I demand to be the highest paid” and players celebrating after every play just for doing their job I don’t miss it a bit, to the point I only watched 1 Playoff game last season and didn’t even watch the SB. Now that there are even more losers given the opportunity to play in the post-season that might just have been the last Playoff game I’ll ever see.

  17. The NFL owners are billionaires who are saying they have to layoff secretaries in order to survive. You would think that they’d care enough to give up some of the millions they’ll take with them take to their grave. Heaven for bid they sell one of their mansions to help their staff pay rent and feed their family.

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