Titans decline Corey Davis option

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The fifth overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft will not have his fifth-year option picked up.

The Titans are declining wide receiver Corey Davis‘s fifth-year option, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

That’s not a big surprise after Davis took a step backward in 2019, catching 43 passes for 601 yards and two touchdowns, all declines from his 2018 season.

Also helping the Titans decide that Davis is expendable was that 2019 second-round pick A.J. Brown had an excellent rookie year, catching 52 passes for 1,051 yards and eight touchdowns.

Davis is now slated to become an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

13 responses to “Titans decline Corey Davis option

  1. 5th overall pick in 2017. Another BUST! This guy was being hyped up beyond belief leading up to the draft too. “Looks the part” though, right?

  2. Eagles will sign him……..and ANY other WR that gets cut the next 2 months.

  3. I thought it was an awful pick/reach when it was made so not surprised. As soon as the Titans made that pick I immediately thought of the Vikings drafting Troy Williamson or the Niners drafting Rashaun Woods. To be fair though the 2017 WR draft class was a bad group in general Davis(5), Mike Williams(7), John Ross(9), Zay Jones(37). To have 3 WR’s in the top 10 and not one become a pro bowler yet is bad although obviously Mike Williams has the most potential of the group. It’s actually the 2nd round and beyond guys that were the values Curtis Samuel(40), Juju Smith-Schuster(62), Cooper Kupp(69)Chris Godwin(84), Kenny Golladay(96), Dede Westbrook(110)

    That’s why with this years draft class I wasn’t a huge fan of going WR in the first 45 picks because the position is a pretty big risk. For example wouldn’t shock me if 4th rounders like Duvernay or Antonio Gandy Golden become better than guys who were picked in the first round.

  4. He’s not a very good receiver but I will credit him for being a phenomenal downfield blocker. He doesn’t mind doing the not fun parts of the WR job.

  5. If you look at the drafts from every year, most of the WRs drafted in the early rounds are busts, but the ones that do succeed tend to be drafted after the first round. I don’t think that’s a rule, though, as there are some drafts (e.g., 2014) where you get a lot of good receivers in multiple rounds, including the first. The hit rate is low so a lot of first-round picks will stand out as busts but we’ll notice the later picks that succeeded without noticing the guys that didn’t.

    This year’s draft feels more like 2014 to me. Most of the guys you heard about have both great measureables and great production in college at major programs. We aren’t talking about Corey Davis from Central Michigan or Troy Williamson who caught 40 passes in his college career but had a great combine. We’re talking about guys from places like Alabama and LSU who put up huge numbers against the best competition.

  6. He has not been worthy of the #5 overall selection so far. That is true. But he did put up 900 yards the year before last with our crap bag passing offense. In a more pass happy offense this dude is a 1k yd WR no problem. I actually hope we resign him, but cant justify picking up the option for $15m.

  7. It seems like a bad pick. He hasn’t been a colossal bust like LaQuan Treadwell (21 catches per year over four years) but ~47 catches per year isn’t exactly what one would expect from someone drafted at #5. Something tells me these guys get a huge signing bonus (in his case $16.6M) and decide they can just mail it in. He’s going to be in for a rude surprise next year. One good thing for the Titans is he should be motivated this year to put up big numbers because he’ll be playing for his next contract.

    Tell me this though….if you were an owner and had a chance to sign a guy who doesn’t produce anywhere near his salary but plays lights out during a contract year, do you really want to sign him? Odds are once he signs a contract he’ll revert back to being so-so productive. The only way I’d sign him if for very little guaranteed money and everything else incentive-based.

  8. I couldn’t believe it at the time and I still can’t that they took this guy top five.

  9. Rewatching the 2017 draft, and seeing the players taken ahead of Mahomes, This pick stood out like a sore thumb.

  10. He was stuck on an offense with Marcus Mariota, then got stuck behind AJ Brown, who was Tannehill’s favorite receiver. He’ll leave next year, go to a team that wants to throw, and be successful.

  11. 5th year option is not easy to use on players still with potential, but not yet performing at the level expected. He, for example, is now in his contract year & likely to give his very best focus on the job. If he can’t show significant improvement, he just doesn’t have it & will start getting one year “prove it” offers. If he performs up to his potential he will get the long term contract offers in FA.

    My guess is he will do okay……sign elsewhere & do much better. His career is not over and last another 8-10 years, plus.

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