Video shows cop pulling gun on Bashaud Breeland

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Witness video of Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland‘s Tuesday arrest shows an officer pull a gun on Breeland after he refused to allow himself to be handcuffed, and got back into his car despite the officer’s orders.

The video obtained by from a bystander included the voices of people encouraging Breeland to comply with orders, especially after the York County Sheriff’s Office deputy threatened to tase him, and those pleas became more urgent when the officer pulled his gun.

The police report referred to Breeland pushing the officer, and that wasn’t apparent in the video clip shown, though he clearly wasn’t allowing the officer to put his hands behind his back.

“Put your hands behind your back or you will get tased,” the officer said. “Turn around and face away from me! You’ll get tased!”

When Breeland slipped out of his grasp and got back in his car, the cop put the gun in Breeland’s facae and shouted: “Let me see your hands! . . . I’m not playing!”

After he had a gun pulled on him, Breeland got out of the car and sat on the ground.

He was charged with resisting arrest; transporting alcohol in a motor vehicle with the seal broken; open container of beer or wine in a motor vehicle; possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana or 10 grams of hash; and driving without a license.

Breeland is also reportedly facing a suspension for a previous violation of the substance abuse policy.

23 responses to “Video shows cop pulling gun on Bashaud Breeland

  1. I’m glad it turned out ok, but god that was pretty stupid of him. He should have been tased, and he’s lucky he didn’t get shot. He’s lucky he didn’t have a trigger happy cop.

  2. “Comply and everything will be fine.”
    “This stay-at-home order is infringing on my rights as an American!”

  3. Never resist right or wrong!!! Better breathing than dead by any cops bullet!!!

  4. No license- check
    Weed- check
    Open container- check

    Let’s go for a drive, what could go wrong?

  5. I see no problem with what the police officer did. But then again, I think people need to respect authority and comply with lawful orders. There is another segment of society that thinks Breeland’s behavior is appropriate and acceptable. Which, frankly, thats the problem.

    So keep this in mind when you are whining about police brutality. The behavior of Breeland is what forced the officer to pull his gun, not the other way around. Fortunately for everyone involved, Breeland wised up and didnt get himself shot.

  6. He didn’t want to comply because he knew what was in the vehicle. He agitated the situation to where it was nearly a tragedy.

  7. Just comply man. This happens so often and usually turns out bad for everyone involved. It’d go down as another cop shooting another unarmed black man, and we’d all be worse off for it.

  8. …report referred to Breeland pushing the officer, and that wasn’t apparent in the video…
    But it IS quite apparent – he twice clearly pushes at the cop to try to get away from his grip.

  9. I am choosing to ignore everyone’s comment because no one sees the issue here. What behavior did Breeland present the officer that he had to point his gun in his face?

    The offense will be probation at best but the police officer had no issue ending Breeland’s life if Breeland didn’t comply. Human life must not mean much. Or maybe it is black life, go figure.

  10. Doesn’t matter what race you are, you pull that kind of crap and you’re likely to get shot. Thought the cop did a great job arresting this idiot.

  11. This guy has more than enough money to get himself out of any legal situation so I don’t get why he didn’t comply. I know there are instances where the cop is wrong but that doesn’t help the person on the other end. Better to comply and have your day in court. Getting in a car is a game changer. He could have had a weapon in there or who knows what. Let’s face it, both guys deserved to go home after this incident. Police face ever-increasing violence from suspect which in turn makes them more nervous. Normally if you comply with the police it makes it diffuses the situation.

    I’ll use an analogy. If I’m crossing in a crosswalk and I have the crossing light in my favor I should be able to cross in safety. However, if I see a speeding car coming into the intersection I’m careful to watch that car. Exercising my right to cross doesn’t prevent me from getting killed by someone. In this case, being result ends in me being dead. How does that help me? Perceiving the right to resist complying with a police officer can’t end any other way than badly.

  12. The cop was a bonehead for threatening to use lethal force for a non-violent offense. Pulling out his gun and pointing it into a person’s face, for weed, is incredibly stupid and irresponsible.

  13. The cop clearly overreacted. I know the authoritarian crowd on here won’t ever admit that. There was zero reason for him to pull his gun. Breeland was stupid in not complying even if he thought it was BS. But, if a cop can’t control his emotions, he’s in the wrong profession.

  14. To those, saying that the cop overreacted, as soon as Breeland tried getting into the vehicle, the vehicle became a potential weapon, and there could have been a handgun within reach. The cop was not wrong there to pull his gun in that situation.

    That said, frankly, later you never get that close to someone with your gun pulled as it can be taken away from you by a skilled opponent. The cop did not exert control in a forceful manner, and let Breeland think he could get away with that stuff. The cop should have pinned him to the side of the vehicle, and taken his hands behind him forcefully. If that was not possible, he should have tased him.

  15. There are many comments on here that clearly get it. I applaud you. There are others that clearly dont. Unable to understand the situation. I will make this clear to you.

    He didnt have a gun pulled on him for resisting arrest. He didnt have a gun pulled on him for weed possession.

    He had a gun pulled on him because of a series of behaviors that continued to escalate. He had a gun pulled on him because he forcibly resisted arrest, and then returned to his vehicle. The cop has to assume he is returning to his vehicle to get a weapon. How many times do we see body cam footage of a person resist the officer, return to their vehicle, and pull a gun from under the seat and open fire on the police. THAT is why he had a gun pulled on him. Stop being so foolish. Stop thinking this was an “over reaction by a trigger happy, moron, racist cop”. The cop was FORCED to pull his weapon, just in case Breeland went to retrieve a weapon. Do you get it now? Dont be fools. This isnt a race thing, though some people REALLY want it to be. This isnt a stupid cop over reacting to weed thing. This is a cop escalating his use of force, based on the behavior of the jerk who was resisting arrest. Someone mentioned that obviously there is a lack of compassion for life. I say to you, you have a lack of compassion for the lives of police. you dont care if cops are shot and killed. you dont care about the wife without a husband. you dont care about the kids without a father. You would rather a cop get gunned down in the street, than for that cop pull out his weapon. Disgusting

  16. Ok, just watched the video… Breeland was refusing to comply over and over, then he gets into his car and then the gun comes out and rightfully so. So, moral to the story, the gun coming out worked because Breeland gets out of the car and onto the ground. Great job officer.

  17. You Americans are insane if you think that it’s justified to kill a man because he didn’t comply. If you can justify shooting a man for that than you can justify just about anything.

  18. john baxter says:
    May 1, 2020 at 9:46 am

    I am choosing to ignore everyone’s comment because no one sees the issue here. What behavior did Breeland present the officer that he had to point his gun in his face?


    You are very naive. Breeland broke away from the LEO, ran to his car, got in and had his hands below visible level. Was the LEO supposed to wait until the perp settled down to find out whether he was getting a weapon from the car? Breeland was asking for it and fortunate that he didn’t. He escalated the situation, not the LEO.

    Luckily, there was video of the incident. No doubt that if there wasn’t, a lawsuit would have already been filed substantiated by Breeland’s two weed “buddies”. Soros paid marchers, Rev Al and Jessie would be there in their glory for all to see.

    You sir, need to clean your rose colored glasses.

  19. It’s not conversation time Bashaud, it’s close your pie hole and follow instructions so nobody gets hurt time. After he pulled away, the talking should of stopped and the cop should of planted Breeland’s face in the pavement. If he wanted to fight, fine, hit him with a taser until you get the cuffs on. After all that nonsense, now we can have a civil conversation, you can say whatever you want, and that cop knows you are detained and everyone in the area is safe. Breeland should be thankful he didn’t get dead because of his own idiotic actions that day and kudos to that cop for controlling the situation, that could of gotten very ugly very quickly.

  20. Oh wait. Blue lives matter again. Disregard yelling by stay at home protesters in desperate need of a haircut.

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