Andy Dalton: No trade because teams knew Bengals would release me

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The Bengals released quarterback Andy Dalton on Thursday in a move that came after the team made an effort to trade their longtime starter.

The Bears were thought to be a potential landing spot, but they dealt for Nick Foles instead and Dalton was left with no other trade options as teams knew the Bengals would be taking Joe Burrow with the first overall pick.

“There were several different factors,” Dalton said, via the team’s website. “This year there were a good amount of quarterbacks that were available. I think it would have worked out differently if I had been a free agent when the new league year started. I was still under contact and that hurt me. I’m sure teams knew they were going to take a quarterback No. 1 and they would release me and there was no reason to rush into anything.”

Dalton said he was willing to talk about staying in Cincinnati, but had to “know one way or the other” what the plans were now that Burrow is officially with the team. The plans didn’t involve keeping Dalton and his $17.5 million salary, so he’s now a free agent ready to check out any options that might be available while remaining positive that everything is “going to work out” in the end.

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  1. Bengals did him dirty. If they knew they were going to draft Burrow from the start (like the rest of us already knew), why didnt they release him early enough so he could get picked up in the initial surge of job opportunities.Not a very classy move for a guy that was your starter for what? 9 years?

  2. Andy, the plans are for Joe to become the starting quarterback. What what else do you want to know? Do you want to stay as the backup? Does it makes sense to start Andy Dalton the first four to eight games?
    I don’t worry too much about Andy I think he’s made enough money that he won’t starve.

  3. there seems to be a surplus of ‘decent quarterbacks’ -i didn’t say great- at this time.

    Unlike just 3 years ago when terrible quarterbacks were getting ridiculous money.

    I did not see that coming.

  4. If somebody actually wanted you then they would have given the Bungals something, Andy.

    Your ego is messing with you.

  5. Obvious situation still seems to be Patriots if hes hoping for a chance to start but without double checking offseason signings if hes looking for a backup job Denver, Rams, Giants, Jets and Redskins all seem good landing spot that he could see some playing time with for 1 reason or the other.

  6. He could be a great backup in SF… but would have to be willing to take backup pay…

  7. 17 million dollars a year for a starting QB is not that much considering he is also going into the final year of that contract. Are there many starting QB’s not on their rookie contract getting paid less?

  8. It could be that there is a decision point for him between maximizing his value and being a starter. Maximizing his value may be as a backup with a guaranteed multi-year contract. To be a starter, he may need to accept a smaller one year prove it contract to compete for the starting job somewhere.

  9. frk49rs says:

    May 2, 2020 at 9:19 am

    He could be a great backup in SF… but would have to be willing to take backup pay…

    Except the 49ers already have a capable backup on a cheap deal with starting experience in Nick Mullens and has a 3rd stringer with experience in Beathard so to pay Dalton backup money would be an increase over Mullens salary and a waste of cap space.

  10. I would like to see Andy Dalton with the patriots, I know one thing it would have the rest of that division SHOOK. We keep forgetting the Patroits finish the season with the number One defense, I know couple pieces left but nothing will change much there.

  11. Didn’t Andy get the memo? Like Carson Palmer you are just supposed to retire…

    Dalton saw this situation first hand when he was drafted, why did he think anything would be different? There is a history of dealing with players in Cinny.

  12. He has made a ton a money, trust me things will “work out”. How about some perspective given the world we currently live in.

  13. Andy Dalton doesn’t have to work another day in his life. He held down a starting NFL QB job for a decade. That’s a heck of a career. If he stays in shape and wants to keep playing, there will always be a job for him after things settle down with this virus (hopefully). I have no problem with the way the Bengals handled him. They were listening to trade offers for the #1 pick all the way up until the clock started. If any player is heavily sought after, they’re not hard to find.

  14. Why would the team have released him early and not tried to get anything for him? MMQB would have been “they are stupid for not trying to trade him.” They tried, bottom line is the bottom line, no one is going to pay him $17.7 mil, unless he signed some deal that was all incentives and threw about 30-35 TDs.

  15. I still say he’s a way better option than Dak, and the Cowboys should sign Dalton RIGHT NOW for $17 Million a year and let Dak I haven’t done anything Prescott WALK

  16. They disrespected Andy by letting him go when the kid hasn’t played a snap in the NFL. No question you take the prospect but Andy has won in this league and is at the point in his career where he should be aware he might have to mentor his replacement.

  17. Chiefs have a tendency of paying decent coin for a backup QB. Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Chase Daniel. I can see Reid wanting to take him for more than what he’d probably get elsewhere to sit behind Mahomes for a year. If Mahomes gets hurt and misses a few game, Andy will likely design a game plan that showcases his talents and gives Dalton a better chance at getting a good deal elsewhere (better than how Cincinnati did him).

  18. Jameis Winston really screwed all these QB’s taking that amount of money.

  19. He took it like a man and didn’t play the old “they disrespected me” card. Good luck Andy.

  20. Yeh, cause there were SO many teams out there looking for a backup QB with a $20M price tag

  21. No teams wanted to trade for him because they didn’t want that $17.5M salary.

  22. robert831 says:
    May 2, 2020 at 9:19 am
    Andy Dalton will be the Patriots starting QB

    So many people keep saying this but honestly what is the point? Pats are not contenders for a Super Bowl this year with either Dalton or Stidham. So just let Stidham start. Let’s see what he’s got. What is the advantage of having him sit on the bench?

  23. cma1973 says:
    May 2, 2020 at 9:34 am

    He has made a ton a money, trust me things will “work out”. How about some perspective given the world we currently live in.

    He does have perspective. He’s looking at his career in his business. He’s not saying he’s unique in this world for losing his job or asking for a pity party, he’s talking about the particulars of his situation as a NFL quarterback, that’s all.

  24. KoolAidFree says:

    I still say he’s a way better option than Dak, and the Cowboys should sign Dalton RIGHT NOW for $17 Million a year and let Dak I haven’t done anything Prescott WALK

    Even Dalton, who only dreams of having Dak’s stats, is laughing at that.

  25. Dalton in an “on schedule” QB in the mold of Brady, not Kyler Murray. (“Similar to” doesn’t mean “as good as.”) Taking a backup job on the Cards, say, just doesn’t seem likely because he can’t step into the same offense. He could back up and push Cousins, give the Pats a pretty good second QB who can take over if Stidham isn’t up to the job, a few other spots. He could even back up Wilson, who is first and foremost a pocket passer until he gets flushed.

  26. I loved it when Bills fans gave Andy Dalton a standing ovation in Buffalo before a 2018 preseason game and donated to his charity for helping the Bills end a seventeen year playoff drought by leading the Bengals on a fourth quarter comeback victory in Baltimore the year before that enabled the Bills to slip into the playoffs. Good stuff.

  27. thats how the game is play . somebody will sign him for Winston $$ . over paying the QBs is bad for the NFL .

  28. Whoever the Bengals Qb is they are going to be on they’re back most of the year.

  29. Dalton will be starting for the Patriots on a 1yr-$12m deal with incentives. Belichick is faced with starting a guy with zero NFL starts in Stidham or a veteran QB with playoff experience that’s regarded as one of the nicest and smartest guys in the NFL at a discount. The Patriots won’t be bad enough to get Lawrence in 2021, so they might as well try to win games with Dalton for a year or two until they find their guy.

  30. tim Anderson says:
    May 2, 2020 at 11:46 am
    Jacksonville should sign him to compete with Minshew

    While that would be a great training camp battle, the Jags are clearly “Tanking for Trevor” (or “Losing for Lawrence”). They have already traded most of their skilled veterans, which is the first domino to fall in the tanking process. The Jags are actually in a good position. If Minshew works out, they got a franchise QB at 4th round price and can be buyers at the trade deadline. If he fails, then they will go into full blown tank mode and trade away the rest of the talent at the deadline. It’s really a win-win for them as a rebuilding team.

  31. The bengals wanted Andy to stay but who on their right mind is gonna pay 17.7 for a backup? The bengals did everything they could to see dalton went to another team so he could earn the last if his contract but there were no takers. Now if you want to jump in the team for them not trading him at the deadline last year that’s fine. But don’t blame the bengals for trying to get video or satin for a solid starting QB w no dead money and a very attractive starters salary for one season. It was just poor market conditions. You can’t tell me that if Flacco can fetch a 4th that dalton couldn’t do the same, he just got caught in a Bad market.

  32. Why would teams trade for a guy you know going to get released? Lions tried the same inept move with Eric Ebron

  33. For those saying the Bengals should have released him before the draft, why? It was clear they wanted to draft Burrow, and that was the plan, but what if Burrow was somehow injured right before the draft, or what if a team such as Miami made an absolutely absurd offer for the No. 1 pick? There are scenarios where the Bengals release Dalton and something – albeit unlikely – happens that they don’t end up with Burrow and decide they need to keep him for this year. Until Burrow was actually announced as their pick, they were smart to keep Dalton under team control.

  34. That’s what it was. It was the fact they knew he would be cut .

    Oh and maybe the fact they knew no one would pick up his contract

  35. The football karma goblin will get its pound of flesh. Don’t worry Dalton, once you go to a team that is well organized, you’ll be fine. Ryan Tannehill is a fine example of success after dysfunction. Carson Palmer had a stellar end of his career once he escaped Cincy and Oakland. Drew Brees was good in San Diego as they squandered talented teams, but he went next level in NO.

  36. His agent should contact Cowboys & tell them he’d accept $15M, one year deal with team options of $22-25M for years 2-3.

  37. streetyson says:
    May 2, 2020 at 9:14 am
    Giants, Boys & Cards need a decent QB
    All of those qbs are better than the Patriots current qb. So I’d have to say Patriots need him the most.

  38. Stop with the “Bengals did him dirty” narrative. If he was good enough, he’d get picked up no matter if it was via trade or release

  39. NE is tanking for Lawrence…BB would not be trade partners with Cincy after sideline videotape fiasco…Good Luck, Andy (AD is a class act that could teach a lot of NFL players something about character).

  40. Like most normal people, I am wary of gingers. I have always likes Dalton though, hope he gets another shot soon.

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