Ravens have made alternative budgets for shorter season or no ticket revenue

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The Ravens are planning for the financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the NFL season.

Ravens President Dick Cass said the Ravens have made “alternative budgets” for a “very uncertain future.” Those alternatives include playing the season as scheduled but in empty stadiums, thus foregoing all ticket revenue, and for a shortened season. Cass said those alternatives do not include any full-time employees losing their jobs.

We’re not laying anyone off,” Cass vowed, via the Baltimore Sun.

Part-time employees who work only on game days, however, may lose that income. Cass said the Ravens are trying their best to plan for every possibility.

“Those are the uncertainties we’re dealing with,” he said. “But every business, whether it’s a sports business or a non-sports business, is dealing with the same thing. I mean, budgets are being changed every day. Revenue estimates are being changed every day, because it’ll be a very different world for us if we cannot have fans.”

These are the possibilities the NFL needs to plan for, with four months to go before the season is supposed to start.

6 responses to “Ravens have made alternative budgets for shorter season or no ticket revenue

  1. One would think that every team is making the same kind of plans. All of the good ones certainly are.

  2. NFL teams know that they are going to get back to work eventually. With just money they make from television they could keep all of their employees on the books though. With just the money they save on not flying their private jets around for a full season they could do that. Lol

  3. 1st class front office and ownership there in Baltimore regardless what you think about the HC or any of the players past or present.

  4. We cheat death every day until we don’t. Live safely as always. What ever happened to ‘no fear’? Hey here’s a plan. Have doctors and medical rooms with respirators available at the games.

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