Report: Taco Charlton agrees to terms with Chiefs

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Defensive end Taco Charlton lasted a little over two years in Dallas. He lasted less than a year in Miami.

Now, it’s onto Kansas City.

The Chiefs have agreed to a one-year deal with Charlton, Terez Paylor of reports.

Charlton cleared waivers earlier in the day.

He now gets what could be a final chance to show he’s not a first-round bust in joining the defending Super Bowl champions.

In 27 games with Dallas after it made him a first-round choice, Charlton made four sacks. He got in then-defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli’s doghouse and became a healthy scratch.

The same happened in Miami as his attitude was not as the team had hoped. He made five sacks last season but was a healthy scratch three of the final four games.

27 responses to “Report: Taco Charlton agrees to terms with Chiefs

  1. It’s a gamble by the Chiefs. It’s like pinch hitting for a baseball player that has already two strikes against him. Remember three strikes and you out!

  2. I can’t remember the last time a first round pick rotated through so many teams so fast.

  3. He has an attitude problem. He goes from two organizations not exactly known for running tight ships to a D with good veteran presence and one of the best Dline coaches in the league.

  4. Hopefully a change of scenery will help Taco get his career back on track. The Chiefs need an edge rusher but have very little cap space considering pending the Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes signings. Picking up Taco could be good for everyone.

  5. Decent low risk move for the Chiefs. This is Taco’s last shot and he’s been given a gift to play with the reigning World Champs who are odds on favorites to go back to the dance. If he doesn’t come in highly motivated and ready to play, he won’t last long.

    If he is ever to realize his potential in the NFL, now’s the time.

  6. Remember when the over rated Dallas Cowboys drafted him??? How great he was supposed to be!!!

  7. your running out of chances, better get your attitude and work ethic straight fast..

    Problem in Dallas was a sense of self-entitlement as a #1 pick, read similar issue in Miami.

    NFL road is littered with these type, never really understood what makes talented athletes make it to the pinnacle of their sport only to become slackers

  8. descendency says:
    May 2, 2020 at 1:43 am

    I can’t remember the last time a first round pick rotated through so many teams so fast.


    Trent Richardson

  9. Wil we ever know the true story of who campaigned for him in Dallas and why they sent him down the road? Note to Andy: This may be your greatest challenge.

  10. The comparison to Trent Richardson is an insult to him. Trent did have a good rookie season. Taco has done nothing.

    Low-risk move by the Chiefs but I predict he won’t make it out of training camp unless he gets his act together. One would have thought he would have changed after Dallas got rid of him but he still didn’t seem to care in Miami. My guess is he’ll do the same thing with the Chiefs and as soon as he does he’ll be cut. I think he’s had enough chances to show what kind of guy he is. They don’t need a guy with a bad attitude like that in their locker room.

  11. Another great Draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys, you know the team some
    Cowboy Homer fans claim have the greatest draft results every year.
    Not to worry Trysten Hill the top draft Pick from last year will prove again
    how much better the Cowboys draft then every one else does. LOL

  12. No one said he or Trystan were good picks. we knew from the beginning they got cute and looked like bafoons. Like passing on the millions of other known stars like Steven Jackson because they were so smart they would take a biderectional college player that spares everone to death on our 24 year run of terrible mediocrity. From bo talwnt for years because of cap mismanagement, trading for Joey Galloway…to Bill Parcells and his complete BS to the robot Jason Garret. Just yuck. This is a train I am begging to hit the steam, I fear that veing mediocre is just who we are. Maybe it’s changing but paying a QB who needs help like he is elite goes right down the line of letting a running back hold us hostage. Sign Cam, Sign Andy, trade Dak and lets get some picks. Then let Cam and Andy fight it out. I like Dak as a person…he just isn not Aaron (who I do not like as a person) Drew Breese or Russell Wilson. Cut Zeke next year and always take 3rd round rbs and 4th round QBs

  13. Sadcowoy: You are right about Steven Jackson. Remember the Boys took the taco and left T. J, Watt on the board. I think it would be wise to have a proven franchise QB on board before Dak is sent out the door. Detroit management has an annual toast and celebration on the anniversay of trading Roy UT Williams WR to the Cowboys. Where is Ol’ Roy?

  14. descendency says:
    May 2, 2020 at 1:43 am
    I can’t remember the last time a first round pick rotated through so many teams so fast.

    Brandin Cooks, anybody? Decent stats, no reported attitude problems, and on his 4th team since 2014

  15. There are coaches like McCarthy and Belichek who run tight disciplined teams and those like Pete Carroll and Reid who run loosely goosey teams where players have a lot of leeway. Both styles can work, and win SBs but one problem with a loose style is that it can get away from you quick.
    The conflict between the Legion of Boom and Russell Wilson on who gets the glory and the money helped fuel the 1 year Dynasty.Reid had a good run with the Eagles culminating in SB try(no great shame in losing to the Pats, you’re joining a big club). The year after that loss Owens and Shady blew up the locker room throwing the QB under the bus, pointing the finger at others.Owens demanded a raise only one year after signing the riches WR contest ever.Both even mentioned a possible strike by all those who thought themselves underpaid (which is just about everyone).
    Reid threw Owens out of early camp for about a week but it was too late and after a seriously dysfunctional season was out. Will Reid’s easy going style convince Taco to change his attitude? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  16. Taco, much like other athletes that are dismissed from teams for “attitude”, usually find themselves on the outside looking in by the time they are in their late twenties early thirties. Athletic yes, intelligent? Not so much…

  17. I hope Andy can get the performance out of him. Someone saw the talent but he has not lived up to his draft status expectations.

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