Devin McCourty: Virtual meetings have been good for getting used to life without Tom Brady

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Safety Devin McCourty is heading into his 11th season with the Patriots, so he spent a lot of time in the same locker room as Tom Brady since entering the NFL.

Brady won’t be in the locker room whenever McCourty and the rest of the Patriots are back at the team’s facility. McCourty told Chris Carlin of ESPN Radio 98.7 that being in the locker room will be the moment when he fully realizes that Brady and other former teammates have moved on to new teams this offseason.

While that moment remains off in an indefinite future, McCourty said the team’s remote offseason program has helped get the ball rolling on life without the six-time Super Bowl champ.

“One of the biggest things we have to do as a team, and as players individually, is move on, lock in, and get focused on life without Tom,” McCourty said. “Not just to harp on it, and talk about it, but to actually move on and try to prepare. I think the virtual meetings have been good for us to start that process.”

The process of adjusting to life without Brady won’t be done until the team is actually on the field with a new quarterback leading the way, but it sounds like the ball is rolling as much as possible thus far.

5 responses to “Devin McCourty: Virtual meetings have been good for getting used to life without Tom Brady

  1. Folks aren’t just sleeping on the Pats but written them off for 2020 and talking about who they draft in 2021, but they have a top D, Edelman, a likely JimmyG clone and of course Belichick & McDaniels. I think they at least go 9-7 (poss 10-6, even just scrape the div if Bills don’t improve). To suggest they’re done for now is pure salt.

  2. Belichick will make sure the players move on and lock in otherwise they won’t be there everyone pulls in the same direction in new England! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  3. Get used to Virtual Meeting and Virtual Championships. The D was mediocre based on Strength of Schedule last year especially the first 7 games and now missing 4 top players! Edelman is a nobody without check down Brady and any other decent receivers. He is older, slower and routinely banged up. The Bill, Dolphins and Jets loaded up on slot cover guys as OLB and 5 DBs fronts. You Pats fans really need to face reality.

  4. Good to hear the Patriots historic defense and special teams won’t be wasted on bad QB play like last year.

  5. Spite has been THE MOTIVATING factor at Castle Cheat in New England. Look for more of the same in 2020. Those who failed to see the decline of Tomasina Brady are in for a rude awakening. Someone with eyes and arms and legs that aren’t past 40 could have moved the ball better than Brady. There were games that it looked like Gus Ferrotte was playing QB for the Cheaters.

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