Tottenham Hotspur brace for loss of 2020 NFL games at its stadium

Getty Images

As the NFL closes in on releasing its 2020 schedule, the anticipation for the configuration of 256 regular-season games isn’t confined to the U.S.

In England, many are watching and waiting to see whether the NFL’s International Series will continue amid the pandemic. According to the Daily Maily, the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club is bracing for the loss of a pair of NFL games that are due to be played at its new stadium.

Per the report, losing the two NFL games will result in a financial loss “in excess of £4 million.” (Under current exchange rates, that’s more than $5 million.) With £637 million in debt that needs to be serviced, ever pound/dollar counts.

If the two games set for the Tottenham venue will be canceled, the two Jaguars games to be played at Wembley Stadium also are likely to be scrapped. Which means the Jaguars will play eight games in Jacksonville, if a full season is played.