Carson Wentz excited to work with Jalen Hurts

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz met the media for a conference call on Monday and that provided him with his first chance to publicly share his thoughts on the team’s decision to draft quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round this year.

Wentz said he understood that adding a quarterback was a possibility because of how the roster was laid out before the draft and that he wasn’t concerned about the spot they chose to pick one because of the investment that the team’s made in him. He said if he “was to start questioning [General Manager] Howie [Roseman] now, I’d be questioning myself” as well.

“I’m excited to add him to the team,” Wentz said of Hurts. “I know how important the quarterback position is and the dynamic is for me and other guys in that room.”

Wentz was also asked about the prospect of sharing the field with Hurts at times and will do “whatever’s going to help us win” before adding that he’s waiting to see how those wrinkles will play out because the team is still working through the playbook.

26 responses to “Carson Wentz excited to work with Jalen Hurts

  1. Hey at least he is saying all the right things. I don’t know much about him personality wise, but seems publicly to be taking it in stride! All you can ask the guy to do.

  2. Hurts will be a starting QB in the NFL at some point, and probably a very good one. For the next couple of seasons, he will give the Eagles a more competent backup who can win a few games just with his athleticism in case of a Wentz injury at any point. He also won’t kill the salary cap like having a Foles $88 million deal would.

  3. Hurts is a more durable and stronger QB. In addition, he protects the football. I wouldn’t be shocked if he replaces Wentz sooner than later.

  4. A quick glance at the headline and I thought it said “Carson Went hurts…” I assumed business as usual

  5. One has to wonder why Aaron Rodgers won’t come out and make a comment like this……..

  6. This kid can absolutely ball, and has the best mindset and attitude. Look at his productivity at two major programs.

    Not saying he will end up as a starting QB, but so happy he can play in NFL.

  7. I said it before the draft and I’ll say it again. Hurts could be the biggest steal of the draft. I’ve got no skin in the game but all i know is he is a leader of men.

  8. bondlake says:
    May 4, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    One has to wonder why Aaron Rodgers won’t come out and make a comment like this……..

    No, one really doesn’t.
    Aaron Rodgers has already reached out to Jordan Love to congratulate him and welcomed him to the team, shortly after being drafted.
    What purpose does it serve to announce it to you and the rest of the world?

  9. “Carson Wentz loses job to Jalen Hurts”, book it
    Not a chance that the vastly more talented Wentz is beaten out by Jalen Hurts.

  10. Charles Lee Ray says:
    May 4, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    “Carson Wentz loses job to Jalen Hurts”, book it

    Like Dak losing his to Andy Dalton ?

  11. Wentz has nothing to worry about. If he’s healthy, he’s MVP material.

  12. They will start Hurts all year and have Wentz start in the playoffs just so they can say he started a playoff game

  13. I hope Hurts can learn to find a receiver and pull the trigger faster then in college. Holding the ball for longer then 3 seconds isn’t going to work in the NFL.

  14. It’s almost as if people don’t remember that Hurts transferred from Alabama because he lost his job due to his weak arm. He can’t throw deep, he can’t throw an out route it the NFL. I can’t tell if some of these takes are just trolling to the fullest, or if this many people have no idea what they’re looking at.

  15. Don’t be surprised if we see Hurts vs Mahomes in the Super Bowl more than once. This is Hurts team now.

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