Report: No international games in 2020

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The NFL most likely will play in 2020, but the league won’t play beyond the borders of the United States.

Via Vaughn McClure of, the league is expected to inform teams on Monday or Tuesday that there will be no international games in 2020.

The NFL had planned to play four games in London (with the Jaguars hosting two of them) and one game in Mexico City, which would have been hosted by the Cardinals.

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday that the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club was bracing for the loss of two games due to be played at its home stadium in London.

The league plans to unveil its 2020 regular-season schedule this week. It’s no surprise that the league will be avoiding the logistical hurdles associated with playing on foreign soil during a global pandemic; the NFL nevertheless intends to play a full season, domestically.

11 responses to “Report: No international games in 2020

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure there are any games played in 2020.
    Certainly not a full season.

    If they do play, they will probably get players coming down with Covid19 and have to quarantine teams.

  2. The NFL and all major corporations will be rethinking the growth of their product(s). Expansion into other big markets was a great idea 2 months ago. Now that most of the world isn’t working and the job markets are shrinking by the day it might be best to concentrate on what is working and has worked.

  3. BuckyBadger says: …might be best to concentrate on what is working and has worked.
    I get most American fans don’t like them but what hadn’t worked about the London games?

  4. alwayscheatthecap says:

    May 4, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Great. I hope this leads to less globalization in general


    Could not agree more with this statement.

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