Sources: Jets haven’t had Marcus Maye trade talks

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In response a report from the New York Daily News claiming that the Jets have shopped safety Marcus Maye, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell PFT that the Jets have done, and are doing, no such thing.

“Beyond fake news,” one source said, under the condition of anonymity, given the sensitivity of the situation.

When it comes to trade talks, context becomes critical. If a team calls another team about trading for a player, and if the team doesn’t immediately hang up the phone, the team isn’t “shopping” the player. As one source explained it, other teams have had interest in Maye. At least one team currently does. But the Jets have not engaged in talks about trading Maye; a team calling with interest doesn’t amount to trade talks.

It’s possible that the Daily News report comes from a team that hopes to poison the relationship between Maye and the Jets in the hopes of sparking a trade. Regardless, the Jets haven’t and aren’t engaged in trade talks or otherwise shopping him.

Maye, a second-round pick in 2017, enters the final year of his rookie contract, at a base salary of $1.358 million.

6 responses to “Sources: Jets haven’t had Marcus Maye trade talks

  1. Maye is a good safety, not great but OK.
    He will be 28 after his rookie deal is done.
    I think the Jets will let him walk, so of course they will try and trade him and get a draft pick for him. No harm in trying.

  2. Maye is solid and the Jets have plenty of money to extend him and Adams, as well as adding several other free agents next offseason. He is probably a bit underrated in the eyes of the general public, with injuries being the biggest negative. It would make sense for the Jets to get a high 3rd for him but that seems like even value and it would make just as much sense to keep a good player and pay him unless Davis turns out to be special at FS. I would happily trade a 3rd round pick to any team to have Manish Mehta cover them instead of us though. He is the most toxic reporter in the league.

  3. Where there is smoke there is fire:
    Tampa Bay

  4. I sometimes wonder if Manish is paid by the Daily News or some other NFL team. He certainly doesn’t seem to be over the fact that the previous GM, who he had more of a relationship with, was justifiably fired.

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