Brett Favre’s $1.1 million no-show windfall raises plenty of questions

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The stunning report from the Mississippi Clarion Ledger regarding an audit that revealed among other things payment of $1.1 million to Brett Favre “for speeches he never gave” raises plenty of questions, questions that demand answers.

Most obviously, has Favre paid back the money? If not, will he?

More importantly, how and why did this happen? Per the audit, Favre Enterprises was paid $1.1 million “for appearances, promotions, autographs and speaking engagements.” Auditors also determined that Favre “did not speak nor was he present for those events.”

One explanation is that Favre simply failed or refused to show up, pocketing the money while flashing a middle finger to the Mississippi Community Education Center, a nonprofit that received (and spent) millions in welfare funds from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. The other explanation would be more troubling, but it’s possible that the facts — which must be fully investigated — will lead in that direction.

What if (and this is just speculation based on the facts as developed by the audit and reported by the Clarion Ledger) Favre and/or whoever negotiated the deal knew that he was getting money for nothing, and that he wouldn’t be expected to actually do anything for the $1.1 million? The next question would become why would someone pay him $1.1 million for nothing? Then the question would become whether whoever authorized the payment is simply a major Brett Favre fanboy. Or the question would become whether whoever authorized the payment was getting something in return. Like, for example, a bag of cash containing a specific percentage of the money paid to Favre for the no-show job.

Again, this is all speculation. But it’s also normal and natural to wonder these things when a guy who would belong to one of the least needy families in all of Mississippi has gotten $1.1 million for services that he never provided.

However it plays out, Favre has an obligation to answer all questions, provide all information, and (above all else) pay back every cent, with interest.

46 responses to “Brett Favre’s $1.1 million no-show windfall raises plenty of questions

  1. A lot of people on here seem surprised that the government is corrupt. I’m not one of those people. Doesn’t matter which party, all sides are this way.

  2. EVERY institution is corroded to the bone.

    94 million that was meant to feed and help children and people that actually NEED help.

    That is heinously disgusting.

  3. Side note: with these ads hijacking the screen it’s getting increasing more difficult to read stories on here. You start scrolling and bam you have two people fighting over a cookie in a plastic bag you’re trying to find your place again.

  4. I think it maybe best to withhold any judgment until we hear from Farve himself. Best to hear his side before blindly throwing darts at the way this all went down

  5. Better question. Why would someone pay over a million dollars for Favre to speak? What’s he going to talk about? Throwing interceptions, or how he gave Strahan a free sack?

  6. What is it with you and your hatred of everything Favre? You’ve railed on Favre for years and years. Why? The man is worth over $100 million, he is a corporation unto himself. Perhaps he knew about this, perhaps he didn’t. Do you really think he got the checks in the mail, looked them over then signed the back and cashed them at the local grocery store? The funds were likely sent to his company. Maybe he didn’t even know about the contract to perform. Personally, I don’t know. Maybe he’s scum, maybe someone who works for him, other than Favre, is.

  7. The story I read said the investigation would not result in criminal charges. Why not? Because it is Brett Favre?

  8. @jason81 I totally agree with you about the adds. I’ve been following Mike since 2008. We even share the West Virginia connection.
    I’m glad PFT is SO successful. I just hope PFT remembers that’s its the personal touch that people like here. Mike Florio is like a friend.

    I hope the ads and all the ‘pretty “ pictures and pop up videos get scaled back and PFT remembers it’s simplistic design from the early days.

    RSS real simple streaming plus rumor mill

  9. What if what if…what if he knew nothing about it? How about wait to hear both sides before reckless speculation. Not right to point the finger before knowing more details.

  10. What if…what if he knew nothing about it? How about wait to hear both sides before reckless speculation. Not right to point the finger before knowing more details.

  11. These kinds of stories are akin to libel. Often the initial reporting damages a persons reputation and business opportunities irreparably despite there being good reasons that come out for what happened later. I would say reserve judgement at least until he is accused of something illegal.

  12. Like the people who hate socialism, cashing their coronavirus relief checks.

  13. Where’s Roger Goodell hiding?

    I expect as punishment the Packers to forfeit a 1st & 4th round pick and for Aaron Rogers to be suspended the 1st four games of the 2020 season.

    If the Packers want to appeal — okay, instead of a Rogers suspension, Jordan Love suspended 1st 4 games of 2021 season.

  14. Whether well-founded or not, this news doesn’t surprise me. Favre doesn’t strike me as a particularly ethical or sensitive person.

  15. Mike, I know you never liked Favre but this post is tabloid garbage. Why don’t we wait to hear both sides of the story before wildly speculating for page clicks.

  16. Maybe he should into politics. Bill & Hillary did this on the regular and nobody said Boo

  17. There are three certainties here: (1) Lord Favre loves his money; (2) local governments in that part of the country aren’t necessarily gleaming examples of anti-corruption; and (3) the whole story is not yet known.

  18. Well, exactly. Some folks in the MS government made a deal to pay big bucks to Favre’s corporation and papered it with a speaking-engagement contract. That doesn’t tell us anything about the purpose of the fraud. Obviously I don’t know, but I suspect the purpose wasn’t to siphon federal funds to pay Favre. So what was the purpose? Who made the deal on the government side and on behalf of the corporation? Was the Favre corporation the ultimate stopping point of the $1.1M, or just a cleansing vehicle?

    Because this is a football site, we’re all focused on Favre, but this is a $94M fraud and we’re going to find out the mechanics of the scheme and who were the beneficiaries. The Favre corporation angle will be just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

  19. I have no problem with Florio reporting on this site what was already reported in another newspaper. I also like his intuitive hypothesis.

    The fact that a non-profit could could pay a celebrity that amount is in investigation in itself. This reporting is after an audit so I’m quite sure that there is a fair amount of information out to justify the reporting.

    Sure, I’m curious as to his explanation but the I had no idea excuse will not work.

  20. afcnorth54 says:
    May 5, 2020 at 12:43 pm
    What if…what if he knew nothing about it? How about wait to hear both sides before reckless speculation. Not right to point the finger before knowing more details.

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    He knew nothing about seeing a million dollars in his bank account for work he knows he was not present for?

    I mean, this is fraud, dude. He’s going to jail. It’s disgusting the money is children in need, too. Absolutely disgusting.

    Audits are audits are hard facts like the Broncos cheating the cap in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

  21. Maybe he sold the rights to those photos of the “little gunslinger”.

  22. It looks like $500K and $600K were paid to Favre Enterprises, Inc., in two different calendar years. This corporation has a handful of employees. That’s not much to go on, but it does tell us that despite the headlines, Favre did not receive the money personally. It also raises the possibility that one of the corporation’s employees was involved in the fraud, and Favre might not have been aware of what was going on. The fact that government employees have been indicted but Favre has not suggests that Favre may not have been involved in the fraud.

    I am not a fan of Favre; I have no strong feelings about him one way or another. I just think it would be a good thing to find out the facts before condemning anyone.

  23. At the very least Favre may have some ‘splainin’ to do. It’s pathetic that money that was earmarked to help the poor was used in this fashion. I doubt Favre needs the money so this is puzzling.

  24. It didn’t go to Favre but his company.

    Wouldn’t be shocked if someone there was engaged in malfeasance and basically used Favre’s name.

    News flash – people at his level don’t sit and balance their checkbook every Thursday. They have “people” to provide Favre an update. “Am I solvent, what’s my earning via interest, endorsements, enlargements etc.” Its not a line item list.

    He never writes or cashes a cheque himself.

    VERY easy to hide a 1.1m pay off in there without his knowledge by someone on his team doing shady crud.

    Probably find someone on his team with a brother who does road construction for the State or something and they’re washing cash with BF’s name/ Favre Enterprises.

  25. No one, and I mean NO ONE is better at making a Mountain out of a molehill than Florio.

    NO ONE.

    And I love Mike, and I love this site, but what I am saying is true…

  26. Favre probably wasn’t even aware of this. I suspect his business manager keeps a lot of things from him. Even so, Favre needs to get ahead of this story. He needs needs to find out what happened, quickly, and hold a press conference.

  27. transpo says:
    May 5, 2020 at 4:25 pm

    VERY easy to hide a 1.1m pay off in there without his knowledge by someone on his team doing shady crud.”


    Dun and Bradstreet indicates the annual revenue for Favre Enterprises was $728,064.

    So I doubt its “VERY easy” to hide $500,000+ deposits.

  28. Ever heard of embezzlement? I’m guessing if they track where these deposits went it shows up in random accounts in the name of fake aliases set up by someone working at whatever company handles Favres finances.

  29. Tommyribs, 1.1 million is trivial? You must be loaded man… ☔️ 💵

  30. It’s ironic to hear Patriots fans whine about other teams cheating. Typical Patriots fans.

  31. If the same story came out about Michael Irvin, you guys screaming about how Favre is being railroaded would be leading the lynch mob.

  32. Great questions. Keep at this, those questions need answers. Another question is “Why isn’t Favre facing criminal charges?”

  33. I’m not surprised at all about corruption. Don’t discount the idea that this was an employee of the foundation taking a kickback as well and splitting it with the corrupt member of government. People should be going to jail for this. That money was for people in need.

  34. And the fine folks of Mississippi will vote in the same bunch of crooks while continuing to blame all their problems on Yankees and Democrats.

    Lived there. Went to school there. Happily escaped.

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