Broncos tried to trade up for Matt Hennessy before Falcons drafted him

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Temple center Matt Hennessy was a wanted man in the third round of the NFL draft.

Hennessy went to the Falcons with the 78th overall pick, but if he hadn’t, he was about to go to the Broncos with the 79th overall pick.

The New York Daily News reports that the Jets, who owned the 79th pick, had agreed to trade the pick to the Broncos. However, Hennessy was the guy the Broncos wanted, so when the Falcons took him at 78, the trade for No. 79 was off.

The Broncos ended up taking another center, LSU’s LLoyd Cushenberry, with the 83rd overall pick. But they apparently liked Hennessy better, and wanted to get him before the Falcons beat them to him.

7 responses to “Broncos tried to trade up for Matt Hennessy before Falcons drafted him

  1. Idiots….they could have had Hennessey and the corner they reached for earlier in the 3rd round….and not even of had to make a trade.

  2. If number 72 is still a starter on opening day, the Broncos will have failed this offseason.

  3. Sounds like they were desperately drafting for NEED – a recipe for failure for years to come – which is synonymous with the Elway era. “Oh, our #1 center is off the board…. who’s next on our center list?” And save the comments on them winning the SB. We all know that was a pre-ordained event for the 50th season, and HGH Manning’s swan song.

  4. This Bronco fan likes Elway, but this time, the man screwed up. If he wanted Hennessey he could have simply taken him with the 77th pick. Then he had pick 83 and could have used that to take the corner Michael Omjueada whom he took at 77 and who was generally believed to be a 4th or 5th round talent.

    Not smart this time.

  5. kcflake says:
    May 5, 2020 at 10:45 am

    I look forward to the Chiefs whooping the Broncos for the next decade.
    It would only be right, what with the Broncos whopping the Chiefs for the last three decades

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