Albert Wilson takes a pay cut with the Dolphins

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Wide receiver Albert Wilson and the Dolphins have agreed on a reworked contract for the 2020 season.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that Wilson is now set to make a base salary of $3 million. There will be another $1 million available in incentives.

Wilson’s contract previously called for him to make $9.475 million with a cap hit of over $10.8 million. None of that money was guaranteed, so he’ll be making less but would seem to have a better chance of actually sticking around for the final year of his current deal.

Wilson had 43 catches for 351 yards and a touchdown last season. He also ran five times for 45 yards and completed 1-of-2 pass attempts for 20 yards.

7 responses to “Albert Wilson takes a pay cut with the Dolphins

  1. Good move and smart play for Wilson to bet on himself to have a good year to earn his next contract somewhere.
    Its a win for Miami

  2. Mahomes got Wilson paid. They played together for 1 game, and Wilson had the best game of his career.

  3. Weird. He’s not even that good and you just embarrassed yourself by cutting his salary so badly, it proves you wildly overpaid.

    He was being paid more than Edelman.

    Grier is a complete buffoon.

  4. Wow! What a great job the “new” Dolphins are doing.

    For tylawspick6: This money savings is like getting Kyle Van Noy for Free now 😉

  5. Why would Albert Wilson want to go anywhere else? The Dolphins have 3 QB’s that are better than the patriots.

  6. I dont really understand why he agreed to such a massive cut unless he thought he couldnt make that on the open market. Also Miami only had 1 year left on his deal and seemingly not in need of money immediately unless there is an impending signing. This is unusual timing. Either way, happy he is back. This guy is a play maker.

  7. This is classic Flores getting guys who r willing to play any spot and except team concept..Taking less money to play with the team counting on himself.I like it..thumbs up to Wilson.

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