Eli Manning: It will be easier for Daniel Jones to lead without me in the room

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Earlier this offseason, former Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he thinks that this offseason “has the potential to be” a difficult one for Daniel Jones.

Jones took over for Manning early in his rookie season and Manning said he feels the 2019 first-round pick’s progress could be blunted by the lack of an in-person offseason program while learning the new offense being installed by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. While that would be a negative for Jones’ on-field outlook, Manning said on SiriusXM NFL Radio Monday that there’s one place where things should be a clear positive for the younger quarterback.

“I think it will be easier this year for him to kinda step up as that leader,” Manning said, via the New York Post. “Last year was probably awkward for him, me being there, me being in meeting rooms and just kinda the whole dynamic. Me being gone and hey, he is the quarterback, he is the guy, for him to have that control and the authority over receivers and offensive line. I think he’s proven to be tough and works hard, he’s done all the right things, he has gone in with that approach of keeping his head down and not saying more than he has to, working hard and earning the respect from the teammates. Now he can elevate that where now he’s in charge. The questions are coming to him from the coordinator, he’s gonna have to give his voice and his opinion on things.”

Whatever the circumstances of the offseason, the Giants will need Jones to step forward on and off the field in his first full season as the starter if they’re going to turn things around after going 12-36 over the last three years.

11 responses to “Eli Manning: It will be easier for Daniel Jones to lead without me in the room

  1. It will be easier for Daniel Jones to lead if he fumbles the ball fewer than 18 times next season.

  2. Eli has proven again to be classy ,professional,and not arrogant. He’s always been sorta nerdy but a very good QB with great timing in his career….look, he retired at the right time and regardless of what his career numbers say he was the starting QB on TWO winning Super Bowls. ENJOY the retirement Eli.

  3. Manning is absolutely right. There’s a huge opportunity to come off as the hero and savior when you’re taking over a team this poor.

  4. I think Jones has had a perfect start, and I expect more of the same. The things he learned from Eli Manning couldn’t have been learned without him being there. The things he’ll learn from on field experience can’t be learned anywhere else. Jones is a highly intelligent, very skilled young QB. He has a big future.

  5. He’d have even more space if you cleared out the 57 game-worn jerseys from your last game.

  6. In other words being a distraction on the bench is all he had left to offer…. time to relax on the couch at hime… softer on the butt

  7. Wouldn’t it be even easier for Daniel Jones to lead if he was Sam Darnold?

  8. I swear this generation of players seems so fragile – either they are over-worked or they are under-worked. I’m sure he’ll be just fine half way through the season like the rest of the players who didn’t get to put in much off season time.

    You see, this situation hits everyone the same way. What will separate the cupcakes from the men is how they use their off time to sharpen their skills.

  9. A lot of people make a big deal out of Jones’ fumbles but that came behind an awful line and fumbles can be fixed. I think Jones will be a great QB, fumbles aside he had a very promising rookie campaign. People also forget that Peyton Manning was a turnover machine his rookie year and that seemed to work out ok.

    Daniel Jones is the real deal.

  10. I think he could be a great mentor and coach to this kid. NY media can be harsh and Eli handled it for his career. Just not sure if he wants the grind of coaching.

  11. In this age of loud mouth me-me-me show boaters more interested in their “brand” than learning the job, both Eli Manning and Daniel Jones are refreshing changes. I don’t know if Jones is the real deal but he had a good start and Eli wouldn’t be a bad role model in how to lead by example, not one’s mouth.

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