Andy Dalton: I understand my role, backing up Dak Prescott

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Andy Dalton’s only interaction with Dak Prescott came after a regular-season game in 2016 and a preseason game in 2018.

But one of the first things Dalton did after signing with the Cowboys earlier this week was to text Prescott. Dalton told Prescott he was available to help in any way, and Prescott texted back his appreciation.

The Cowboys see Dalton as their Nick Foles, a veteran insurance policy.

It’s not a role Dalton has played much, starting 133 of a possible 144 games after the Bengals drafted him out of TCU, but one he’s ready for in Dallas.

“My mindset is, I’m going try to be the biggest asset to this team, try to help out this offense, help out Dak, help out everybody as much as I can,” Dalton said on a conference call with beat reporters, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “It’s a different perspective for me since I’ve been a starter the last nine years, but I understand the position I’m coming into and the role I’m going to play.”

Dalton, 32, has more starts, more wins, more playoff games, more everything (other than playoff wins) than Prescott does. Still, Dalton understands it’s not a Ryan TannehillMarcus Mariota situation.

He will see the field only if Prescott is injured.

“Dak has played really well,” Dalton said, via Jon Machota of “I knew the situation I was coming into. . . . Dak is the starter on this team. If for some reason he was to go down, I will be able to step in and help this team.”

18 responses to “Andy Dalton: I understand my role, backing up Dak Prescott

  1. Look at his record for his first five years in Cincy. Could he take this Dallas team with this roster to the playoffs? Yeah.

  2. The Cowboys should rescind the tag and let Dak find out what his market value really is.

  3. His statement and his attitude explains why Andy has no playoff win. You are there to compete and win the starting job, you owe Dak no deferential treatment.

  4. Dak Prescott : I understand my role is to back up Mr Dalton.

    My goal is to be the very best 40 million dollar waterboy in the NFL.

  5. Why would Dalton sell himself short for only 3 Mil as a backup when he could easily of started somewhere at near the 17 Mil he made last year LoL. Makes absolutely no sense.

  6. judging by his comments, it sure sounds like a team 1st kinda guy and he has already shown he is above average qb in the NFL…
    Diva Dak holding out…. Not so much!

  7. Micheal, sure he could. Even reaching the playoffs would be YUGH for those cowboys… 🤠

  8. Dalton is a good QB that has been on a poorly run team for years. I hope that he gets a chance to play in Dallas.

  9. Andy being Andy. Always acts like a grown-up. No drama. Solid QB. Very good with a talented roster. Thats why he was unemployed for only A day.

  10. Oh god no, please god no, no, no, noooooooo!

    This guy can be our starter, use the money from Dak on defense.

  11. He is backing up Jerry Jones first. Whether he backs up Dak remains to be seen.

  12. “Your Cowboys starting quarterback… Aaaaaaandy Daaaaaal….ton.”

    It’ll sound something like that over the PA system on opening day.

  13. Dalton knows how to play this game. Marvin taught him to keep his head down and keep shoveling that coal. If/when your chance comes, you got this. It would be interesting to see what he could do with this talented team. After all the years of people on his case, his numbers don’t lie.

  14. How late can Dak wait to sign the tag?
    Can he show up 2 weeks before the season starts?

    If the Cowboys rescinded the tag at that point, it would be very hard for another team to sign Dak and pay him what he wants.

  15. Andy’s been around the league for a few minutes now. He understands how it works and the unknowns that reside within each season. He’ll push Dak and they will both become better QBs for it. Who knows what the future (or just tomorrow) holds? He’ll do his thing without fanfare and either be in Dallas next year or elsewhere … for big bucks … either way.

  16. The Red Rifle has an accurate arm and can make throws in tight windows, something Dak has always struggled with.
    I can hardly wait to see what the Red Rifle can do with the Cowboys’ starting unit.

  17. defscottyb says:
    May 6, 2020 at 7:31 pm
    Why would Dalton sell himself short for only 3 Mil as a backup when he could easily of started somewhere at near the 17 Mil he made last year LoL. Makes absolutely no sense.
    Because the QB free agent market was saturated this year, because Covid is making everything weird, and because he is from and lives in Dallas. With everything going on, he doesn’t have to move, can stay with his family and can possibly get a better deal next year when there aren’t so many big name QBs floating around.

    Its a smart move, and Dalton is classy and professional enough to act as a mentor while waiting for his shot

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