Commissioner tells teams not to comment or speculate on 2020 season

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The NFL doesn’t know how the pandemic will affect plans for the 2020 season. And the Commissioner wants teams to refrain from discussing the subject.

In a memo sent Wednesday to all teams, a copy of which PFT has obtained, Roger Goodell instructs all teams, via their chief executives and presidents, to zip it when it comes to comments about the coming season.

“The past few months have been among the most uncertain times that any of us has experienced,” Goodell writes. “It is impossible to project what the next few months will bring. Uninformed commentary that speculates on how individual clubs or the league will address a range of hypothetical contingencies serves no constructive purpose and instead confuses our fans and business partners, complicates the operations of other clubs, and distracts from the careful planning that is needed right now. We will continue to work in a deliberate and thoughtful way to plan for the 2020 season, including with tomorrow’s schedule release, and we will be prepared to address any contingencies as they arise. Clubs should continue to direct questions and concerns to our office and not comment or speculate publicly.”

There’s a fine line between projected a united message and heavy-handedness, but this message makes more sense than the late March directive that anyone who questions the plans to proceed with the draft will be disciplined. With so many potential questions and possibilities and permutations, it makes no sense for mixed messages to come from the league office and one or more of the league’s 32 franchises.

The mere fact that the league office sent this message to all teams underscores the fact that, even though the NFL plans to proceed with the season, at this point no one knows how things will play out over the next few months.

Plans quite possibly will change, and the league office wants to be the sole source of information regarding any and all possibilities in this regard.

31 responses to “Commissioner tells teams not to comment or speculate on 2020 season

  1. I think we’re looking at a shortened season, starting in October with no fans

  2. We are not going to have a full season with fans in attendance at every game.

  3. You aren’t finishing whatever season you try to start. 1 positive case shuts it all down. 2020 is a wash. They should be focusing on trying to plan how they’ll do the 2021 draft order.

  4. If there is a season, it may look like the ’82 strike-shortened season. Nine games plus playoffs.

  5. “There’s a fine line between projected a united message and heavy-handedness, but this message makes more sense than the late March directive that anyone who questions the plans to proceed with the draft will be disciplined.”

    I have never worked at ANY organization (of which the NFL is a SINGLE business) where you are allowed to criticize senior management IN PUBLIC.

    If you have a disagreement with your boss, TAKE IT INTERNAL. You don’t go running to the media to air greviences and I would EXPECT to be disciplined if I did.

  6. The owners of the 32 teams are Goodell’s boss, but they’re paying him to look out for their money. They’re happy to let Roger Goodell take control.

  7. Unfortunately there’s not going to be a 2020 college or pro football season.
    it’s time to accept reality.

    Stay healthy my friends!

  8. Follow the $$$
    The only way the nfl doesn’t play is if an asteroid ☄️ hits the earth before kickoff

  9. California governor has already commented and speculated, no NFL in 2020

  10. Goodell wants to create an alternative reality where COVID-19 doesn’t exist, its in the past, and everyone shoud spend money on live NFL entertainment.

  11. What season?

    As much as we all football back, there is no way the league office wants to risk having a QB or another major player come down with a virus and impact their favorites making the post season. Besides, does anybody but New Orleans fans want to see their 3rd string QB starting games for 2-4 weeks because everybody else is quarantined?

  12. The media is doing enough speculation for everyone. Good advice Roger, just let the media continue to be wrong…

  13. He’s 100% spot on. Stop with the never ending what if’s, and concentrate on putting your team together the best that you can, and things will work themselves out one way or the other. It will all work out for best you’ll see we’ll be playing football soon enough

  14. I feel oh so sorry for the greedy billionaires, said nobody ever.

    What’s over is the gravy train.

  15. I wish the Commish had included media and fans in his statement.

    Nothing more annoying than the completely ignorant on here making guarantees about the season.

    We will see what happens in late July when training camps are scheduled to open. That is the next major decision to be made. The “Phase 1 opening of team facilities” after May 15th is a good sign that the planning for having full training camps as scheduled is underway.

    The whole issue of having fans in the stands is a separate issue from having a season. Yes, possibly there will be no fans in the stands and games only televised in the pre-season and a few games into the season. That’s a possibility, but there is very little chance the season does not start and go on as scheduled.

  16. Any way you look at it, this will be a flawed season and the eventual Super Bowl winner will have an asterisk next to their name…….as in *Covid-19

  17. Today’s reality will not fly in September. Individuals will make their choice.

  18. I don’t see how you can allow large groups of people to congregate before there is a vaccine. It looks like a vaccine won’t be available until next year so it’s hard to see how games can be played with fans at the stadiums. Then there is the issue with players being infected, if one tests positive anyone who has been in close contact with them should really self isolate for a fortnight. Those two reasons alone make me think the season won’t start on time or possibly at all this year.

  19. Just wait until we get the second wave because all these states opening up AS the infection and death numbers continue to rise…

    If there is a season I will be surprised.

  20. Fraudger shoulda sat down and come up this 2 months ago instead of unnecessarily decking out his mancave for broadcasts so that he could project a millionaire’s image of inclusivity.

  21. Not unusual for corporate (NFL is technically Corporate America) to place a gag on discussions about the future. Happens daily. But have to agree with the other comments, especially in light of what we are seeing in the general news about COVID. I think we’re going to see some serious restructuring of 2020 – either no season or dramatically shortened.

    Stay Safe people. Way more important.

  22. In other words – don’t get your hopes up but don’t show the fans your hopes aren’t up

  23. Definitely not going to be a season. They want folks to give their money for tickets.. hold the money in the bank to earn interest and then give some type of refund

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