Cowboys still hope to have training camp in Oxnard

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Whenever training camp happens, the Cowboys still have a preferred “wherever” for preseason preparations: Oxnard, California.

Via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys hope to conduct training camp in their West Coast home away from home, and Oxnard hopes to host the Cowboys.

According to Moore, the Cowboys have asked whether Oxnard can keep the training-camp window open beyond the usual window of late July through the middle of August. Oxnard has said that it can.

The Cowboys also want to have exclusive control over the hotel where the team stays, in order to quarantine the team while at training camp. Training camp also would entail few or no fans.

“On our side, we will assure we will meet whatever needs they have regarding their safety,” Oxnard city manager Alex Nguyen told Moore. “A training camp that is not open to the public, that would make sense. Only a certain number of people attending, that would make sense.”

Maintaining the net revenue for the city also makes sense, and that’s surely something Nguyen hopes to do.

For now, the Cowboys are keeping their options open. As explained by Moore, coach Mike McCarthy has prepared a schedule for training camp both in Oxnard and at the team’s facility in Frisco, Texas.

13 responses to “Cowboys still hope to have training camp in Oxnard

  1. Oxnard will gladly welcome Andy Dalton and the Dallas Cowboys

  2. We don’t want them here. The entire county has done a great job of containing the virus and limiting its spread. Why do we want players like Prescott etc who likely have been relaxed at best, regarding protecting themselves and others.

  3. why? there is no need to increase the risk to the team OR anyone here in the Nard. Stay away.

  4. Training camps will be delayed and shortened. Dallas will be having theirs at their complex. People need to give up on the idea of any normalcy for the next year

  5. There are no good location is Dallas for there training camp, support your own state why go elsewhere

  6. The CDC and FEMA both have changed their numbers on Covid-19 rates of infection and deaths. Their new model is suggesting 200,000 new infections a day by the end of May with a mortality rate 3,000 per day. If true, the very idea of having any football let alone a full season seems pie in the sky to me.

  7. Just have it at Daks place….everyone has the address and theres lots of room for the entire team.

    I imagine Jerry should give the waterboy his 40 million first though, lol.

  8. They should get some input from Andy Dalton on where he wants training camp to be. After all, he is the starting quarterback.

  9. They may or may not have training camp, buy you can buy your official 2020 Dallas Cowboys training camp ballcap now for the low non-refundable price starting at $79.95!

  10. It’s always kinda gotten on my nerves that the Cowboys held training camp in California. With tickets being so expensive to games these days (unlike when I was a kid) taking your kids to training camp and getting autographs has been a great experience.

    I feel bad for poor kids in the Metroplex, they may not be successful 99% of the time, but at least the Texans hold camp in Houston.

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