NFL’s all-teams-or-no-teams principle remains intact, despite Phase 1 reopening plan

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The NFL’s memo to all teams regarding a Phase 1 reopening plan implies that some or most teams may be permitted to reopen facilities even if one or more teams can’t. However, that’s not yet the case.

According to the NFL, the all-teams-or-no-teams principle remains intact, notwithstanding the guidelines for Phase 1 that require reopening plans to be approved by local and state government officials.

The memo, per the league, “outlines the actions clubs will take to have the protocols in place by May 15.”

After May 15, clubs will be informed as to the specific date when facilities can potentially reopen, formally. Future steps include reviewing plans with appropriate state and local officials.

The issue is expected to be discussed in further detail on May 19, during ownership meetings conducted via videoconference. For now, teams are required simply to put the plans in place for Phase 1 reopening. The league’s broader position continues to be that, even if only one team can’t secure permission to reopen its facility, none will be permitted to do so.